News to know: Smartphones; Windows 7; Palm Pre; EU and Sun-Oracle

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Andrew Nusca: Smartphones to eclipse desktop PC sales by 2011

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is lower power consumption Windows 7's killer feature?

Andrew Nusca: Is the Palm Pre a failure?

Richard Koman: Future of MySQL worries EU regulators looking at Oracle-Sun deal

Sam Diaz: J.D. Powers: Verizon tops in voice quality; AT&T, Sprint get no love

Dan Kusnetzky: Doing the VMworld Dance Summary

David Morgenstern: Snow Leopard install fails? Find a flashlight!

Richard Koman: Amazon: Congress, not Google, should make digital book policy

Ryan Naraine: Opera browser (finally) gets an auto-updater

Christopher Dawson: Am I a big whiner about Gmail's downtime?

Heather Clancy: EPA to schools: Cut energy costs, have more budget for education

Harry Fuller: U.N.'s Ban Ki-moon warns of 'abyss" and 'widespread disaster'

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: Samsung camcorder, Toshiba HDTV, Uniden dual cordless phone

CNET: Flickr changes tune over Obama Joker image

Ed Burnette: Planet Android and the terrible twos

Christopher Dawson: Controversy over Obama's student address? Gimme a break!

Rachel King: Panasonic introduces LUMIX DMC-GF1 and two new lenses

Dennis Howlett: JD Edwards certification woes

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Gone in 31 seconds - 31 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and 9 iPods

Matthew Miller: Hands-on with the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600

Jason Hiner: CIOs hit the snooze button on Snow Leopard

Dennis Howlett: Jeffrey Walker: an Irregular farewell

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Vulnerable Adobe Flash shipped with Snow Leopard

Dancho Danchev: Scareware goes Green

Heather Clancy: Fujitsu certifies racks and towers for Energy Star 1.0 spec

Ryan Naraine: Patch Tuesday heads-up: Five 'critical' bulletins on tap

Mary Jo Foley: Bing and Ping (but not on Windows Live)

Harry Fuller: Geo-engineering: further discussion

ZDNet UK: Red Hat: Microsoft taking cloud back to the 80s

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPhone users strangling the AT&T network

Matthew Miller: Sprint bringing HTC Hero to the US on 11 October

Andrew Nusca: Logitech debuts Squeezebox Radio, Touch network music players

Dana Blankenhorn: Small signs of a health care deal forming

Andrew Nusca: Samsung X Series thin-and-light: dual-core ULV, 9-hour battery

Dana Blankenhorn: We ferret out the latest flu questions

Andrew Nusca: Logitech Harmony 700 universal remote recharges, replaces six devices

Dana Blankenhorn: Young man yells at cloud

Christopher Dawson: Killer keyboards

Larry Dignan: App virtualization meets the mobile device

Jason Hiner: Look beyond the dollar signs to validate your projects

Rachel King: Corel releasing Digital Studio 2010 for PC

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