News to know: Snow Leopard; YouTube; VMWorld; Google Books

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Ryan Naraine: Snow Leopard ships with vulnerable Flash Player

Sam Diaz: Report: EC considering delay of Sun-Oracle over MySQL concerns

Andrew Nusca: Is it fair to criticize Google for the Gmail outage?

Sam Diaz: WSJ: YouTube and movie studios in talks over streaming rentals

WSJ: YouTube in Talks to Stream Rental Movies

Heather Clancy: Smart grid report from Lexington Institute explores benefits, pitfalls

Andy Smith: Xeon 5500 (Nehalem) servers: a group test

Dan Kusnetzky: Doing the VMware Dance Day 3

Larry Dignan: Amazon knocks Google Book Settlement; Opposition (and some support) lines up

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Google Chrome ... one year on!

NYT: The Race to Be an Early Adopter of Technologies Goes Mainstream, a Survey Finds

Smart Planet: With electronic contact lenses, bionic eyesight could become reality

Tom Foremski: How a software engineer tried to save his sister and invented a breakthrough medical device

Jason Hiner: BackBlaze reveals how to build petabyte storage arrays for a 10th of the cost

BoomTown: Google and Others Fish for Acquisitions: Here's What They Might Be Looking For

Mitch Ratcliffe: AT&T's "problem" customers get the blame

Engadget: Sony announces VAIO X ultraportable

Joe McKendrick: Enterprise architecture is for entrepreneurs, too

Dion Hinchcliffe: Enterprise 2.0: Finding success on the frontiers of social business

Nokia 7610 Supernova photos

Matthew Miller: HTC and Sony Ericsson announce WM 6.5 devices coming next month

Dennis Howlett: Enterprise 2.0: answering some of the tough questions

Christopher Dawson: The best netbook ever?

Dana Gardner: Proper cloud adoption requires a governance support spectrum of technology, services, best practices

Heather Clancy: Omaha college teams with IBM for data center degree program

Mary Jo Foley: More Microsoft PDC 2009 sessions revealed

Jennifer Leggio: Foursquare: New apps, new businesses, nixed rumors... why aren't you playing yet?

Richard Koman: Telecoms want cheap spectrum, low standards

Intel demos Nehalem EX

ZDNet UK: Microsoft calls for global patents

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Who is the 90-day Windows 7 Enterprise trial aimed at exactly?

Meet the printer that can print your car parts (images)

Ed Burnette: Java Fast Sockets: Enabling high-speed Java communications on high performance clusters

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft steps up its business push for Windows 7, related products

Matthew Miller: Do people want or need social location (SoLo) services?

Dana Blankenhorn: Little Brother actively tracking the flu

Sam Diaz: NFL forbids play-by-play tweets during games. Good luck with that

Andrew Nusca: Sony announces 11.1" VAIO X ultraportable: Intel Atom, 1.5 lbs.

Jason D. O'Grady: Snow Leopards new Keyboard Viewer hints at tablet OS

Zack Whittaker: Should the anonymity shroud be lifted online?

Edible Apple: Apple responds to Psystar lawsuit, calls it a delaying tactic

Jennifer Bergen: AT&T actually offers iPhone customers the service they pay for?

Jason D. O'Grady: Pandora One desktop app revved to 2.0

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Snow Leopard launch seems to have been a smooth one

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft HealthVault service sheds its beta tag

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: HP Pavilion desktop, Seagate 1 TB HDD, Sennheiser headphones

Dana Blankenhorn: Will new Skype owners deal differently with open source?

CNet News: Microsoft pushes for single global patent system

Larry Dignan: IBM, Dell gain server share amid server sales carnage; HP share flat

Zack Whittaker: Bad ethics in the wild: Twitter spamming and site stealing

Matthew Miller: Nokia World 09: pricey netbook, downgraded N97, & confusing beta services

Andrew Nusca: Walmart recalls 4.2 million Durabrand DVD players

Janice Chen: Is the new Canon EOS 7D a Nikon D300s killer?

Andrew Nusca: USB 'SuperSpeed' 3.0 logos to appear on certified devices

Andrew Nusca: Toshiba debuts 640GB, 5400RPM portable hard drive

CNET: Yahoo Messenger 10 beta: A Skype rival?

Rachel King: Hands-On Review: The Promote Control

Dennis Howlett: Mid-range European ERP portending the future?

Andrew Nusca: Nokia's Booklet 3G price, stats revealed

Dana Blankenhorn: Red Hat seeks respect for JBoss and ecosystem

Andrew Nusca: Verizon debuts UMW190 global 3G modem for overseas data

ZDNet Asia: GPS device maps typically two years old

Andrew Nusca: NEC introduces standard-aspect ratio MultiSync EA190M LCD display

ZDNet UK: IBM launches cloud virtual desktop service

Jason D. O'Grady: Syncing with Dropbox

Tom Foremski: Burning Man and geek culture

Matthew Miller: Has Apple quelled smartphone buyer expectations for finished products?

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