News to know: Sony; Salesforce; Google Apps; RSA; Comdex

Sony's comeback and Salesforce Chatter top today's headlines.
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Sam Diaz: Sony's comeback: Can copycat products bring it back to the top?

Dave Greenfield: SalesForce Chatter Goes LIve

Sam Diaz: Google adds free cloud "backup" to Apps, feature that reduces risk of data loss

Doug Hanchard: Cloud computing at RSA: It's not all fluff

Sam Diaz: Comdex returns - minus the flight, hotel and cab fare

Larry Dignan: PC shipments set to surge in 2010, says Gartner

David Morgenstern: Apple's stealth TV patent

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft Patch Tuesday heads-up: 2 bulletins, 8 vulnerabilities

Christopher Dawson: Is the WTO the answer to Google's China woes?

Heather Clancy: How do you figure out if one vehicle is greener than another? Telematics

David Morgenstern: First looks at Apple's iPad user experience guidelines

Mary Jo Foley: It's official: Existing Windows Mobile apps won't run on Windows Phone 7

TechCrunch: YouTube Launches Auto-Captions For All Videos

Andrew Mager: How to quantify 10 billion tweets on Twitter

Andrew Nusca: J.D. Power: T-Mobile ranks highest in customer satisfaction; smartphone users more demanding

Yelp Blog: Different Day, Different Lawyer, Same Meritless Claim: A Classic Race to the Courthouse

Christopher Dawson: There has to be a way to make cheap VDI work

Heather Clancy: Dialight targets municipal street light retrofits with energy-efficient LED

Mary Jo Foley: The cloud slide Steve Ballmer should have shown

Zack Whittaker: Ubuntu gets a facelift: More appealing to the first time user?

David Morgenstern: Mystery MobileMe $1 charge explained

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's 'Pink' phones: What's inside?

Tom Foremski: The smart money values Farmville $1Bn Over Twitter...

Yahoo Mail Blog: Facebook Friends: Meet Yahoo! Contacts

Dennis Howlett: RightNow shifts the needle on enterprise value

Heather Clancy: FalconStor gets flash-y with latest SAN appliance

Christopher Dawson: Google starred searches: kind of like Gmail, only different

John Carroll: Why I (now) hate Apple

Phil Wainewright: RightNow promises an end to SaaS shelfware

Jason Perlow: Virtualization: An easy way to kill Apple's HTC lawsuit

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Can Ubuntu 'out-sexy' Apple?

Jennifer Leggio: Securing your social networking brand

Dennis Howlett: StepStone and Economist survey points to more nuanced talent management

Matthew Miller: Do you ever reach the Plateau of Productivity with your smartphone?

Andrew Mager: 8 Burning Questions for Plancast CEO Mark Hendrickson

Joel Evans: Google rewarding top Android developers with free Android phone

Mary Jo Foley: Could Silverlight be Microsoft's next app for Android?

Matthew Miller: No Java needed; Opera Mini goes native on Windows Mobile

Dennis Howlett: Oracle's flip flop on SaaS...err...cloud

Dana Blankenhorn: The economic boom of HIMSS 2010

Dave Greenfield: Get Plugged In: Three Communication and Collaboration Startups to Keep an Eye On

Matthew Miller: Does the BlackBerry Slider form factor appeal to you?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft (re)confirms HTC HD2s won't run Windows Phone 7 operating system

Larry Dignan: Apple's HTC lawsuit: Is it biting off more than it can sue?

Rachel King: Super Talent introduces SuperCrypt USB 3.0 drives with 256GB of space

Shari McLeish: Microsoft's no-win IE6 browser mess

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft has stake in Novell fight

Sam Diaz: Skimlinks brings revenue-filled links to online content without compromising credibility

ZDNet UK: Cray, Microsoft join forces on cloud datacenters

Rachel King: Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 with Core i3/i5 now available; starts at $999

Sean Portnoy: Logitech releases a pair of Harmony universal remotes that finally cost under $100

Matthew Miller: Hands-on video with Facebook on the Zune HD

Sean Portnoy: Would you buy Coby's 7-inch smartbook for $85?

Ed Bott: Windows Activation Technologies: an unauthorized inside look

TR Dojo: Create and configure Windows 7 HomeGroup

Rachel King: Acer debuts ultra-compact, lightweight K11 pico projector at CeBIT

Sean Portnoy: AMD debuts 890GX chipset with Radeon HD 4290 integrated graphics, ready for 6-core CPUs

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