News to know: Sun; Microhoo; Vista; Linux security; Spigit

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Sun plans layoffs following weak quarter; Blames U.S.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Sun plans layoffs following weak quarter; Blames U.S. economy

Nate McFeters: Multiple Linux flaws show that Linux also has kernel issues

More bad news for McAfee, HackerSafe certification

Steve Ballmer's defining hour Mary Jo Foley: Ballmer still claims Microsoft might walk away from Yahoo

How can Microsoft overcome Vista's lingering image problem?


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Net Applications: Mac market share drops nearly 0.5% in April

Heather Clancy: Day in the sun: HP San Diego solar project on track for August

A matter of solar scale(s)

Christopher Dawson: New approach gives Purdue serious computing power Stanford pushing for new parallel computing model

Garett Rogers: You can now use Google Apps on your iPhone

Ryan Stewart: Microsoft releases Expression Studio 2

Bits: Blu-ray: The Future Has Been Delayed

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: Start SOA governance now, even if its just on Excel

TechCrunch: Twitter Said To Be Abandoning Ruby on Rails

Defense in Depth: As Storm calms down, Srizbi gains steam

Dennis Howlett: Spigit mashes up social software to reveal innovation

Dana Blankenhorn: Will tablets go the way of the Palm Pilot?

Review: Apple iMac (24-inch, 2.8GHz) Dell XPS 730 H2C(right)

Matthew Miller: MobileTechRoundup show #131, WiFi or 3G, what is the mobile users preference?

Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion now available for pre-order

TechTrader Daily: NetSuite: Q1 Results, Q2 Guidance Tops Estimates

Richard Koman: House committee passes 'gluttonous' Pro IP Act

Ed Burnette: Adobe opens up Flash, but leaves out Google and Apple David Morgenstern: Adobe's Open Screen Project: Back at ya' Apple. Dana Blankenhorn: Adobe shoots for 'create once, present anywhere' value with worthy Open Screen Project

ReadWriteWeb: Digg Does Data Portability: Is This All We Get?

TechRepublic: Five signs that you aren't cut out to be a CIO

Will eBay's Craigslist gambit backfire in the court of public opinion?

Dan Kusnetzky:Selecting the right virtualization tools

Roland Piquepaille:Can Deep Green help a combat commander?

John Carroll: Telecom transforms downtown Los Angeles

Italy reveals population's tax, salary details

Paul Murphy: Using mail for phishing A personal denial of service attack

Andrew Nusca: Stream PC content to every HDTV in the house via coaxial cable

Comcast's quarter shows the ebb and flow in telecom vs. cable war

Rik Fairlie: IT managers voice doubt on speed, PoE for 802.11n hardware

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