News to know: SXSW; Verizon 4G; Motorola Android search; iPhone 4.0; Apple iPad

Previewing South by Southwest and a 4G handset in 2011 top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News to Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Jennifer Leggio: SXSW preview: Social business content management made easier

Rachel King: Verizon announces it will debut a 4G handset by mid-2011

Larry Dignan: Motorola deploys Microsoft's Bing on Android smartphones in China

Andrew Nusca: Report: iPhone 4.0 software to support multitasking

Matthew Miller: Apple iPad: To pre-order or not to pre-order?

Jason D. O'Grady: iPhone 4.0 to include background apps?

Joel Evans: B&N to offer up an eReader version for iPad

Andrew Mager: PayPal, Microsoft team up with Foursquare to Save The Children

Rachel King: Western Digital debuts My Passport AV portable media drive; starts at $109.99

Sam Diaz: Through app stores, SMBs customize tools and pave way for enterprise

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft readies open-source analytics framework for Silverlight

Heather Clancy: Accenture survey: Vehicle buyers won't sacrifice comfort, convenience just to buy green car

Chris Jablonski: Scientist creates trout with 'six pack abs': potential boon for aquafarming

David Morgenstern: Fusion vs. Parallels Takedown: The movie

Garett Rogers: Google TV: How it could change things

Jason D. O'Grady: iPhone users mourn AT&T's loss of NFL

Jason D. O'Grady: iPad pre-orders begin at 5:30am PT, Friday

Sean Portnoy: Intel Core i7-980X six-core "Gulftown" CPU gets reviewed, benchmarked. Verdict: Fastest desktop processor ever.

Ryan Naraine: Advanced Persistent Threats: Should your panties be in a bunch, and how do you un-bunch them?

Larry Dignan: Google makes its local shopping move

Doug Hanchard: EFF: Smart meters pose threat to privacy

Jason Hiner: Can Google do for cloud apps what Apple did for smartphone apps? [podcast]

ZDNet UK: Judges uphold Word patent-infringement ruling

Andrew Nusca: AT&T completes 100-Gigabit Ethernet field trial with Cisco gear

Michael Krigsman: CRM and IT failure: An enlightened view

Doug Hanchard: Electronic Frontier Foundation links net neutrality to copyright

Rachel King: Stihl calendar blends both analog, digital forms; tears its own pages

Andrew Nusca: Hewlett-Packard launches $40 million ad campaign: 'Let's do amazing'

Larry Dignan: The ultra-light laptop conundrum: Weak processors

Rachel King: OCZ introduces 32GB Onyx SSD in the sub-$100 category

Christopher Dawson: Apps Roulette #1: Expensify

Doug Hanchard: Bill Clinton + Bill Gates = Global Health Initiative

Larry Dignan: Yahoo's fate becomes a battleground among analysts

Ed Bott: Poll: Which office software suite have you chosen?

Ryan Naraine: Is that a bot in your pocket? Or does it just look like one?

Rachel King: DigitalRev TV publishes video guide to painting a DSLR pink

Doug Hanchard: UK report on Guantanamo Bay: Connecting the dots is hard to do

Christopher Dawson: Opera Mini 5 on Android: Why?

Doug Hanchard: Homeland Security hearing: Senators scratching heads over IT-related testimony

Matthew Miller: Opera Mini 5 beta comes to the Google Android platform

CNET: Target offers mobile coupons

Doug Hanchard: TSA to deploy 150 new body scanner machines

Rachel King: Asus unveils Cine5 compact five-channel PC speaker

Heather Clancy: EnerNOC takes an integrated approach to energy management

Dana Blankenhorn: Google Health is not at all well

Rachel King: Toshiba developing a line of tablet computers to launch by 2011

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft offers a Sophie's Choice

Heather Clancy: Faronic spruces up security for power management software

Dennis Howlett: Price gouging: the currency game

ZDNet Asia: Browser choice not coming to Asia

Doug Hanchard: Next U.S. disaster: Is private sector prepared? Sort of, maybe - and no

Larry Dignan: First Data names Forehand CEO; Capellas steps back

Zack Whittaker: Generation Y: 'Banks, do better, and we want an easy life too'

Dan Kusnetzky: CA acquires Nimsoft, the buying spree continues

Larry Dignan: Smart Planet: Busting hurricanes with ocean cooling pumps

Rachel King: Sony PlayStation Move motion controllers to launch this fall

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