News to know: Terabyte drives; Motorola whacked; Pols in Second Life

Notable headlines:Lots of storage news:A shotgun marriage for Blu-ray and HD DVD?Here comes the terabyte hard drive.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Lots of storage news:

A shotgun marriage for Blu-ray and HD DVD?
Here comes the terabyte hard drive.

Seagate thinks small with portable storage devices.

Storage giants to push hybrid hard drives.

Images: Mars rovers' greatest hits.

Chris Anderson: Don't quit your day job. It's a response to Guy Kawasaki's first year recap of his blogging exploits.

Vendor scorecard:

Motorola cuts earnings, sales guidance. Handset discounts,
not Q problems, appear to be the issue.
Dell downgraded by J.P. Morgan.
RightNow Sees 4Q Results Below Plan.
Marvell Executives to Return Money From Backdated Options.

Census Bureau still counting on handhelds for 2010 tally
Pols hit Second Life. Just what the virtual world needs. See the images. Meanwhile, Senators aim to ease up on Net, phone taxes.
Bank of America hit by online banking outage.
Daylife Launches, Starts Very Long Uphill Climb. Dan Farber: Daylife is lifeless. Techmeme discussion.

In the it's-a-scary-world department: 

Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006.

Microsoft to kick off 2007 with 8 security patches.

PDF security risk greater than originally thought.
Security Flaws Haunt PDF, OpenOffice Users.
Computer theft exposes patient data across five states.
Marc Fleury out at Red Hat? Judging from an email seen by CNET News.com it sure sounds like it.

"I am increasingly experiencing diminishing returns on my emotional and professional investments at Red Hat."


Will BitTyrant poison the well for BitTorrent users?
Counting Internet Users Remains a Guessing Game.
Quantifiying experience - Rich Internet Applications are way better than HTML.
The scoop on the next version of Adobe’s Flex - 2.0.1.
What’s Microsoft’s mysterious ‘Technology X’?
Google Talk gets Vista support.

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