News to know: Tim Berners-Lee; mobile Ubuntu; Kitchen Windows; Latest MacBook Pro review

Notable headlines:Canonical refines mobile Ubuntu Linux.David Berlind: Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee Unplugged (right): Semantic Web better than APIs for data access.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Canonical refines mobile Ubuntu Linux.

David Berlind: Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee Unplugged (right): Semantic Web better than APIs for data access. Out of the box experience with Lenovo's Thinkpads is simply unacceptable. Apple, AT&T stores prepare for iPhone frenzy. Dan Farber: iPhonomics and the post-PC era. Russell Shaw: Several iPhone presale offers up on eBay.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft cooks Windows-based kitchen client. Larry Dignan: Pondering a world of way too many Windows.

Long Zheng:  Windows Vista SP1 confirmed again by loud-mouth Microsoft Downloads.

George Ou: ASUS and Intel slaughters OLPC with Eee-ase. Christopher Dawson: OLPC spawns another non-OLPC.

Garett Rogers: Google launches the Calendar.

Review: Apple MacBook Pro 2007 Edition (Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 17-Inch Screen).

Matthew Miller: How can you enter text on the HTC Touch?

Ryan Naraine: Windows vs Linux security report card redux.

Baseline: Does GE Have the Best I.T.?

Sun expands blade line, includes Intel. Robin Harris: Intel's latest memory problem. Dan Farber: Google makes plea for H-1B visas, U.S. asks for Google software.

Net firms lose in House spyware vote.

Larry Dignan: CIOs see increase in IT hiring. Dan Farber's CIO Sessio

ns: Colonel John Hayes of the Air Force Reserve. Etelos CRM on demand distribution everywhere.

Computerworld: Surviving a home data disaster: How Shirley got her files back.

Jeremy Allison: Why DRM won't ever work.

Images: Olympic logo creates a stir (right).

Jason O'Grady: Inside the MacBook Pro: Intel's Santa Rosa chip. Inside the new MBP: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT. Sun's ZFS coming to Mac OS X. Russell Shaw: Apple TV chips cost breakdown here.

Geeksugar: New Mercury Free MacBook Pro Unboxed!

Life without Google Day 1: The Ask experiment. Gallery. Google search not enough to locate taxpayer, court says.

Dana Gardner: Mainsoft gives latest .NET developers a means to deploy widely without knowing Java.

Techmeme: CompUSA customer complaint escalates across Web.

Webware: Hands-on with Netscape Navigator 9.

TechRepublic's Jason Hiner: New study says that offshoring is freeing up more money for new IT investments.

Review: HP Pavilion dv6500t.

Dan Kusnetzky: Evergrid -- High Performance Computing in the Enterprise.

Net sales tax a big hang-up for alleged Amazon-Netflix deal.

DailyTech: Western Digital Bumps Passport Drives to 250 GB.

Google: Microsoft IIS 'twice as often' serving malware. IBM to catch Watchfire security technology. 'High risk' flaws found in Yahoo Messenger.

Steve O'Hear: Open source movie project moves forward.

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