News to know: TiVo; Microsoft; Snow Leopard; e-readers; IBM

Here's a look at the top headlines for Thursday. TiVo's latest lawsuit, Apple, Windows 7 and how "good enough" can lead product design are on tap.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Larry Dignan: TiVo sues AT&T, Verizon over DVR patents

Richard Koman: MSFT appeals judge's block of Word

Mary Jo Foley: Open source file-system vendor signs patent deal with Microsoft

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows Update kills PowerPoint feature

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple confirms malware protection in Snow Leopard

Wired: The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine

Christopher Dawson: Inching closer to the perfect e-reader for students

Larry Dignan: IBM, Wipro, Tata, Infosys win BP IT outsourcing deal

Search Engine Land: Bing Continues With Fake Referrers: What Part Of Stop Don't They Understand?

Jason Perlow: Do You Have the Techno Mojo to Survive an Apocalypse?

Harry Fuller: Cash for clunkers: top sellers, lead junkers

Andrew Nusca: Hollywood studios offer 'download to own' DivX movies online; Film Fresh the new iTunes?

CNet News: ‘Arrandale’ chip will be an Intel laptop first

What should the next MacBook look like? Cost?

Threat Level: ‘The Analyzer’ Pleads Guilty in $10 Million Bank-Hacking Case

Larry Dignan: HP lands deal to cook up next-gen American Airlines IT system

FBHive: Facebook Screenshots Reveal Upcoming Features?

Smart Planet: Smelling death electronically

Dennis Howlett: Enterprise 2.0: what a crock

Amazon Web Services rolls out Virtual Private Cloud: Enterprise customer tipping point on deck?

Christopher Dawson: linux-for-education.org = a huge resource

Joe McKendrick: SOA security: isn't SOA itself a security solution?

Phil Wainewright: WebEx chief quits Cisco for Salesforce.com

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source revolution at Sony

Heather Clancy: Foundation floats notion of e-waste offset certificates

Brian Sommer: The Math Behind Accenture’s Restructuring

Chris Jablonski: LEGO toys and Shrinky Dinks aid in development of microfluidics

James Staten: With DataSynapse, TIBCO looks to both present and future

Jason Perlow: Oh No, Not Again! Rapid Repair Eviscerates SONY Playstation 3 Slim

Matthew Miller: Nokia Money to provide financial services to the unbanked

Richard Koman: Another torrent site slapped down

Jennifer Leggio: What is the future of influence?

Cyberattackers lay more 'stepping stones'

Harry Fuller: 350 or bust?

Engadget: Archos' Android-based A5S and A5H Internet Tablets outed by FCC?

Tom Foremski: Creating a new data type to better model risky outcomes

Rachel King: Poll: What kind of camcorder do you own?

Andrew Nusca: Sirius XM debuts SkyDock; control satellite radio with iPhone, iPod touch

Opera 10 release candidate available

Twitter still not 'serious' enough for business

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: Sanyo Xacti HD camcorder, Logitech cordless mouse, Asus LCD monitor

Dan Kusnetzky:Hershey Entertainment - a profile of a Vkernel user

Robin Harris: Apricorn's 4 TB hard card: PCI RAID array pt. 1

SaaS in tough times: Don't just survive, thrive

HP: Printing just ain't what it used to be

Harry Fuller: Ribosome damage=dead bees

Dana Blankenhorn: How bad will swine flu be, really?

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