News to know: Ubuntu; Firefox 3; RIM; CTIA

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is Ubuntu becoming the generic Linux distro?Paula Rooney: Firefox 3 Beta 5 released, RC1 Freezes April 8Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Firefox 3.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is Ubuntu becoming the generic Linux distro?

Paula Rooney: Firefox 3 Beta 5 released, RC1 Freezes April 8

Larry Dignan: RIM: Fourth quarter revenue, earnings shine; Outlook strong. Yahoo unveils voice enabled search; Initial availability limited to BlackBerry. Techmeme

TechRepublic: CTIA Wireless 2008: Less regulation, open networks, and a growing demand for data

Intel's Atom chips to fuel Mobile Internet Devices; Who's buying? Gallery (right). Christopher Dawson:

Silverthorne-based MIDs likely too pricey for Ed Tech

New York Times: Google to Lay Off About 300 at DoubleClick

Dan Kusnetzky: Provision Network's view of desktop virtualization

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft: XP SP3 RTM date a typo

Report: Office 2007 demand 'healthier than thought'

Microsoft builds out its first containerized datacenter

Nate McFeters: Interview with the Vista Pwn2Own contest winners

TechRepublic: Remove all remnants of the Windows Vista SP1 installation

Robin Harris: Who uses MS Live Search - on purpose?

Dana Blankenhorn: Solving the loose laptop problem

SAP sets succession plan; Apotheker named co-CEO

David Morgenstern: Approach Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta with caution

Declan McCullagh: Judge to RIAA: You can't sue over songs ‘made available’ via P2P

Christopher Dawson: 2nd-generation Intel Classmates reviewed

Harry Fuller:Green tech cars will not get any federal help until November

Matthew Miller: Ex-i-mate CTO leads Velocity Mobile into the Windows Mobile market with two powerful devices

Computerworld: Asperger's and IT: Dark secret or open secret?

Steve O'Hear: Can the UK government regulate US-based social networking sites?

Avatars attend House hearing on virtual world

ArsTechnica: Apple passes Wal-Mart, now #1 music retailer in US

Richard Koman: EU investigating OOXML vote

Dana Blankenhorn: Google Docs offline illustrates open source maturity

Jason Perlow: PenguinPolitik: Only Ballmer could go to Linux

Apple's weak growth sister: The iPod?

Roland Piquepaille: Tiny music files almost as good as MP3 ones

Heather Clancy: Idea of the day: Warm up your pool with excess data center heat

Dana Gardner: ZapThink's Linthicum takes reins as CEO of data services provider StrikeIron

How PARC sees printers boosting clean tech. Gallery (right)

Dan Kusnetzky: VirtualLogix VLX for Network Infrastructure v3.0 Supports Windows

James Farrar: Edelman on Sustainability Reporting: Call in the PR Pros

Andrew Nusca: All-in-one printers: efficient and useful, often unnecessary.

Is anyone home for the text message revolution?

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