News to know: Ubuntu; Microsoft's Albany; Google; Safari flap

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: First look: Hardy Heron Beta. Gallery: Installation.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: First look: Hardy Heron Beta. Gallery: Installation.

Screen shots: OS tour

Mary Jo Foley: ‘Albany’: New Microsoft ‘home office’ in the works?

Michael Krigsman: Is IT becoming extinct?

Garett Rogers: New Google Mobile feature lets you search without typing

Demographic bidding now in AdWords for everyone

Robin Harris: Hooray! Blu-ray BD+ hacked!

Jason O'Grady: Rumor Mill: What you'll be buying from Apple next

Manila Mac shipping AirMail sleeve for MacBook Air

George Ou: Fixing the unfairness of TCP congestion control

NYT: A New Tool From Google Alarms Sites

Tom Foremski:Will the burden of the Long Tail kill Internet commerce?

NYT: The Royalty Scam Techmeme

Paula Rooney: Mozilla CEO blasts Apple for distributing Safari 3.1 for Windows on its update site

Roland Piquepaille:Printing organs on demand?

Ed Bott: Sony drops its $49 "no crapware" fee

Images: Oceans on Titan, and salt on Mars

Rik Fairlie: Make your own Wi-Fi access point, for free

Joe McKendrick: War declared against JBOWS architecture... but is it something we can live with?

Larry Dignan: iPhone in the enterprise: Bridging the employee, IT department gap

Heather Clancy: Into Africa: Inveneo's low-power computing alternative Harry Fuller: Are we running out of everything? MSM's stunning lack of concern

Steve Rubel: Three Internet Careers That Soon Won't Exist

Michael Krigsman: QA failure in Yahoo unlimited email

I Cringely: War of the Worlds — There is a technology war coming.

Phil Fersht: Spring outsourcing talk

U.S. trade body to probe Sony on Blu-ray

Richard Koman: Network Solutions censors anti-Koran film site

How open will Verizon make its new spectrum? Change-Congress, an open source strategy for political reform

Dana Blankenhorn: Red Hat takes the open source security challenge

66% of US employees write down passwords in unsafe places

Matthew Miller: The REDFLY gives me back the utility of a Handheld PC, but with the latest OS

O'Grady: Dr. Bott T3 USB 2.0 hub Gallery (right).

NYT: Hopes for Wireless Cities Fade as Internet Providers Pull Out

Paul Murphy: Discussing talkback formats

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