News to know: Vista advice; HP; Patent wars

Notable headlines:Microsoft patent case stirs software export fears.Larry Dignan: HP’s quarter by the numbers; channel stuffing chorus may rev up.

Notable headlines:

Microsoft patent case stirs software export fears.

Larry Dignan: HP’s quarter by the numbers; channel stuffing chorus may rev up. SeekingAlpha: Earnings call transcript.

TechCrunch: Kevin Rose at FOWA: Digg Adopts OpenID. Richard MacManus: Do You Actually Use OpenID?

Mary Jo Foley: Linux power lunch: Debian founder visits Microsoft. Microsoft set to publicize list of 800 Vista-compatible apps.

David Berlind: Making the most out of your megapixels.

Justin Rattner: Tera-Scale: What Would We Do with All These Cores and How Would We Feed Them?

Vista advice central:

George Ou: Living with Windows Vista: Week one report card.

David Berlind: To upgrade or not to upgrade: A digital family talks about its plans for Vista.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Screenshots Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (at right).

Ed Bott: Vista Hands On #5: Edit boot menus and more.

Mitch Ratcliffe: The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Return to battle, no memory hogs found at startup.

Garret Rogers: Charts in Google Spreadsheet are imminent.

Dan Farber: In software services we trust?

WSJ: Google needs TV friends. YouTube deal with CBS unravels. Larry Dignan: The Joost-Viacom love in (and what they meant to say). Techmeme discussion.

Jonathan Mendez: 7 ways to optimize your YouTube tags.

Dan Farber: Edgeio launches classified platform for the masses. Techmeme discussion.

UCSF nurses test tablet PCs. Images (at right).

Engadget: IEEE pushing 802.16m WiMAX to 1Gbps, hopes to converge with 4G.

Ryan Stewart: WPF and proving the importance of experience. Yourminis gets a makeover, starts talking Apollo. Joost and Viacom - a win for desktop Rich Internet Applications.
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: When will we start to see OEMs ship new PCs with Firefox or Opera installed? AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ out - Still can’t beat Intel’s E6700.

Images: Cashing in on green ideas (at right).

Larry Dignan: JetBlue fiasco: A database could have made a difference. Computerworld: Overwhelmed IT systems partly to blame for JetBlue meltdown.

Baseline: Virtualization: PG&E's Power Play.

Donna Bogatin: Blog Hillary launches, Clinton targets gender ‘User Generated Politics.'

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to make joint appearance.


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