News to know: Vista DRM; EU thumps Microsoft; SAP; DST; SCO

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Everything you’ve read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 1).EU court crushes Microsoft's antitrust appeal.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Everything you’ve read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 1).

EU court crushes Microsoft's antitrust appeal.

David Morgenstern: Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit: Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Marc Andreessen: The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet Michael Krigsman: SAP license and price negotiation dynamics.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft has changed (some of) its monopolistic ways. Microsoft preps customers early in hopes of avoiding DST fallout. Is Microsoft Office 2007 outselling Windows Vista? Larry Dignan: SCO files for bankruptcy. Dana Blankenhorn: It's over as SCO files for bankruptcy protection. Groklaw roundup.

Ryan Naraine: Money mule recruiters get more brazen. Unpatched QuickTime-to-Firefox flaw dings IE too. Photos: Touring Nextfest (right). More tech visions of future from NextFest.

Russell Shaw: Company unveils IP-enabled, iPod-friendly home theater distribution tech.

Online currency trader nabs $100 million in venture funds. VentureBeat: Has the smart money abandoned Web 2.0 companies? The Guardian: O2 wins Apple iPhone deal - at a hefty price. Dan Farber: Yahoo prepping Mash to stop the bleeding. Publishing 2.0: The Assumptions That Yahoo Mash And Other Social Networks Make About You. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: More information from Microsoft on stealth update. Microsoft dodging the real stealth update issues.

Dennis Howlett: Appexchange a bust? Joshua Greenbaum: SAP's A1S and Salesforce.com's Force.com: Brinkmanship at Its Best.

New Net taxes could arrive in November.

Leap Wireless board rejects MetroPCS bid.

Computerworld: Macs on the network: Time to panic? Garett Rogers: Gmail to get offline support this year? Google sco

res a win over Microsoft's OOXML.

How law enforcement uses Google Earth. Gallery (right).

Mark Cuban: Once you go Mac. New York Times: A Window of Opportunity for Macs, Soon to Close.

Russell Shaw: How the BestBuy connection will help Speakeasy ADSL2. Dan Farber: Weekend bits: BEA, executive moves, the triple header. Employers crack down on 'Facebook addicts'

Dana Blankenhorn: Could AMD move open desktop Linux market? David Berlind: With a 'wholesale' model, Nirvanix's API-based storage service to take on Amazon's S3. Roland Piquepaille: The most powerful microscope in the world. A robotic Meridian to fly over the poles. TD Ameritrade discovers database breach.

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week. Joe McKendrick: Could lack of SOA open a company to lawsuits? For SOA ROI, all you need is a 'just-good-enough' number. Nonprofit group hikes price of $100 laptop. Phil Windley: Battling terrorism with computers and math.

Heather Clancy Collins: The Dell of green-tech alternatives?

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