News to know: Vista emergency patch; IT and Cancer; Apple DRM; Adobe Design Central

Notable headlines: Ryan Naraine: Animated cursor attacks escalate; emergency patch coming. Microsoft knew of Windows cursor flaw since December 2006.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

Ryan Naraine: Animated cursor attacks escalate; emergency patch coming. Microsoftknew of Windows cursor flaw since December 2006.

News:Microsoft to issue cursor flaw patch early. Attackers exploit zero-day Windows flaw.

Reuters: Apple-EMI in music deal; so long DRM. Techmeme discussion. Engadget: A real interview with Fake Steve Jobs.
Larry Dignan: The IT behind the Cancer Genome Atlas.

Gallery (right): How the Cancer Genome Atlas will work.

Quad-core heading to NEC's resilient servers.
Review: HP Compaq 6515b.

Reuters via WSJ:
Google enters Doubleclick sweepstakes.

Robin Harris: With an inspired combination of GPS automobile speed and location tracking, cell phone GPS, credit card transaction monitoring, personal RFID  and cheap massive storage, our benevolent and helpful government has created a useful tool.
Donna Bogatin: Yahoo on the fringe!
The big Y Goes underground, big time.

Dave Winer: A decade of Scripting News.

George Ou:
Don’t buy an HDTV without reading this first.

April Fool's pranks abound:

Spam experts at MIT lift curtain on search.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is Apple "unmodding" modded Apple TV boxes? George Ou: Get a full blown Mac for $299? Apple TV hacks: Mac OS running on Apple TV.

Microsoft starts testing Office 2008 for Mac. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Tech Summit: The 'non-fanboys' descend
on Redmond.

Ryan Stewart: Adobe’s Device Central makes rich mobile development easy. Gallery (right).

How I cut my data center costs by $700,000

David Berlind: As expected, CTIA turned out to be a gadget fest. Here’s a few. Dead-Finger Tech: Manuel takes his Blackberry Pearl everywhere, but would leave Microsoft if he could. How Expedia is fooling itself, its customers, and the FTC that its spam isn’t spam.

The weekend in Google:

Garett Rogers: The new Google AdSense API may cause click-fraud to skyrocket. Google criticized over New Orleans imagery update. Gmail Paper lets you get physical.

Donna Bogatin: Google CEO
gets feisty over Microsoft monopoly. Welcome Google to your Digital Home. Google Maps under siege. YouTube: Why Google is running scared.

Dana Blankenhorn:
An open source RFID suite can let you age in place.

Screenshots (right): Clean up your registry with TweakNow RegCleaner.
Marc Orchant: Lenovo X60 Tablet PC on the road.

Business puts up with network abuses.

Photos (left): Top 10 reviews of the week.
NYT: New Bar Codes Can Talk With Your Cellphone.

Steve O'Hear: Amsterdam sold for $50,000.


Larry Dignan: Dell will build you a 'kit car' for your data center.

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