News to know: Vista fiesta; head roll at Skype

A look at some notable headlines of the day:Work...Vista is everywhere.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

A look at some notable headlines of the day:
Vista is everywhere. Mary Jo Foley is live at Times Square for all day coverage along with all the other resources at CNET Networks' disposal. The news and reviews will land here and all the blog coverage here.

Skype's almost nightmare Christmas. Om Malik reports heads are rolling at Skype. I thought the eBay-Skype merger was a disaster, but didn't expect to unravel this quickly. The two sides just never seemed to be on the same page.

Sue Decker is the favorite to be the new Yahoo CEO, according to a nice little piece of speculation from Breakout Performance.
Ryan Stewart opines on whether Apple is going to embrace Rich Internet Apps.
Coverage of the Kelsey Interactive Local Media conference includes a look at Zillow's technology infrastructure (with some elaboration from the CTO in Talkback), real-time inventory and ongoing coverage from Donna Bogatin.

Intel presented at the Credit Suisse conference yesterday. RealMoney blogger Bob Faulkner (subscription required) reported: "The presenter asked himself the question of "so how'd INTC fall behind the tech curve?" Then he goes on to explain how they artificially "held back" tech trying to "protect" their Itanium business!"

Apple files a new patent for iPod podcast menus and navigation.

NPD reports the Zune debuts at No. 2. That's a bit of a shocker.
AMD blasts out a Quad for PC do-it-yourselfers. Add a $1,200 keyboard while you're at it.
Take the Venture Capital Aptitude Test.
A profile of Second Life millionaire Anshe Chung.
And Hooky's Greatest Hits.

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