News to know: Vista SP1 hacks and 551 bugs; Apple patch; RIM outage

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Vista SP1 rolls up 551 bug fixes. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: More information on the Vista SP1 activation hack.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Vista SP1 rolls up 551 bug fixes. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: More information on the Vista SP1 activation hack.

Gallery (right).

George Ou: Vista SP1 still vulnerable to speech recognition 'analog' hole

RIM notifies of 'critical' BlackBerry outage. Russell Shaw: RIM: here's what's going on with the service outage (and it ain't good). Exclusive: BlackBerry outage indicated by IP address connect refusals

Larry Dignan: Apple issues patches for Leopard and MOAB flaw from 2007. David Morgenstern: Reminder: Backup before installing new Leopard 10.5.2 update

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft relents: Vista SP1 available to technical users now

Microsoft axes paid versions of Office Live Small Business

The Microsoft-Yahoo saga:

Garett Rogers: Android at WMC from a developer's perspective Ed Burnette: Google's Rich Miner: Users will see ads and like itLarry Dignan: War of words over alleged Firefox vulnerability

Dan Kusnetzky: Dilbert's insight into managements view of virtualization

Richard Stiennon: Father of anti-virus says to invest in security awareness training

Review: Uberclock Ion (right)

Dana Blankenhorn: Expect OpenXML win for Microsoft at ISO

Patent reform coming down to the wire

Does hardware need its own open source license?

More heavyweights join mobile Linux group

Paula Rooney: First batch of LiMo mobile Linux devices readied for battle against Microsoft, Nokia

Michael Krigsman: Customer blames bankruptcy on IBM IT failure Larry Dignan: ERP implementations and outsourcing: The white board rarely reflects reality

Starbucks goes with AT&T for WiFi; T-Mobile subscribers will still get access. Techmeme.

John Morris: Flyweight bout: Lenovo X300 vs. MacBook Air

Best Buy, Netflix declare Blu-ray the winning high def DVD format

Josh Taylor: Microsoft buys a mobile sidekick. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft snaps up Danger Inc. Danger to be Microsoft's entry into consumer-focused phones

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary-Day 12: Tackling the storage issue

Christopher Dawson: Book publishers finally getting their digital acts together?

Samsung hopes to have Google phone early 2009

Roland Piquepaille: Virtual reality frog dissection software

Robin Harris: How do you find your stuff?

Steve O'Hear: How to permanently delete your Facebook account

Russell Shaw: Here's TI-powered Google Android UI: but notice something missing? Dave Greenfield: Android Here at Last. Gizmodo: Android hands on video

George Ou: Are AVCHD camcorders the next HD lie?

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: Resist the temptation of well-integrated SOA suites 'Complex' event processing, in three steps

Ryan Stewart: Earth Live: investigating the Earth with Flex

Phil Wainewright: SaaS hoster OpSource buys billing partner

Dan Kusnetzky: Virtualization software market growth and funding

Computerworld: Police tech: How cops use IT to catch bad guys

Harry Fuller: Biofuel blasted by nay-sayers

Promise of more efficient solar cells

Nokia maps 2.0 beta

Review: Atari classics evolved (right)

Dave Greenfield: Interviewing in SecondLife

Paul Murphy: Really odd internet usage risks

Rik Fairlie: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi combo could yield faster bulk data transfers

Janice Chen: Getting a Canon Rebel XSi or Nikon D60? Stow it in this.

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