News to know: Vista SP1; OS X patches; Apple; Veodia; Enterprise software lies

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Want Vista SP1? Here’s how to get it now.

Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Want Vista SP1? Here’s how to get it now.

Gallery (right). Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Should I install SP1?

Larry Dignan: Someone get me rewrite: Apple delivers monster security update for OS X. Apple advisory.

Michael Krigsman: 8 common lies told by enterprise software sales people

Guy Kawasaki achieves tech support greatness

Nate McFeters: CanSec West '08 - Pwn2Own contest rules announced

Ed Burnette: BlackBerry embraces Eclipse

Techland: Wireless auction comes to a close 

Rik Fairlie: How I (finally) shared a Wi-Fi connection with my neighbors

Janice Chen: Panasonic's new Lumix DMC-FX500 sports a 3-inch touch screen and 25mm wide-angle lens

Robin Harris: Notebook SSDs disappoint

Dana Gardner: Google playing politics with open source

Tech Trader Daily: Adobe Checks In With A Beat-And-Raise FY Q1

EIC podcast: Yahoo, Facebook, Intel and Apple patches

Dennis Howlett: Veodia ups the video ante

Taming Ruby on Rails with FiveRuns

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: nVIDIA launches high-spec nForce 790i series chipset and GeForce 9800 GX2

Ed Bott: Speeding up a sluggish Sony

Richard Koman: So the net routes around censorship? Tell it to China

Roland Piquepaille: How to detect network vuln


Larry Dignan: Yahoo: Business is fine and we're worth more; Do you buy it? Gallery (right).

Garett Rogers: EU denies Google's trademark application for Gmail

Matthew Miller: AT&T's new WiFi-enabled BlackBerry Pearl also supports video recording

Harry Fuller: The server with the windmill on top

Novell comes to Sesame Street

Paul Murphy: When Lintel beats Wintel

San Francisco Chronicle: Fear and doubt spread in Silicon Valley Facebook fires up IM, ratchets up privacy. Facebook privacy controls, IM on the way. Techmeme.

Phil Wainewright: Enter the socialprise

Dana Blankenhorn: Misys-Allscripts deal is all about SaaS

IT Facts: 228.8 mln laptops sold in 2007

54% of movie goers see movie trailers online

Richard Koman: Hillary nomination would u

nleash Obama's Net-driven third-party run

Novell: HP to preload SLED on desktops, laptops

Police Blotter: Murderer nabbed via tracking, Web search

Intel moving to six-cores this year; What will you do with them? Gallery (right).


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