News to know: WGA for Office; RSA; Apple; Adobe

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to add the Genuine Advantage 'nag' to OfficeDennis Howlett: Secure coding: the invisible elephantRSA wrap:Larry Dignan: How will Microsoft's trusted stack work?Trusted Internet initiative aims for security dialogueRSA's president: Let's cook up a thinking security defense systemMicrosoft patches Vista, Windows Server 2008, IE Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft releases public Beta 1 of Stirling security bundleApple bolsters QuickTime defensesNews.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to add the Genuine Advantage 'nag' to Office

Dennis Howlett: Secure coding: the invisible elephant

RSA wrap:

Michael Krigsman: HSBC loses data on 370,000 customers

"10 secrets of bad CIOs"

Jason O'Grady: Apple leaks iPhone 3G chipset in SDK MacBook EFI Firmware Updates released

Review: Zogis GeForce 9800 GTX (right)

Mary Jo Foley: xRM: Microsoft's other platform-as-a-service play

Adobe Media Player now available.

Tom Foremski: Speaking the language of social applications in the enterprise

EMC buys Iomega

Joshua Greenbaum: Salesforce.com Cozies up to Google Apps Rev 2.0. Dana Gardner: Gangsta cloud wars could pivot on the traffic-driving power of Google and Microsoft/Yahoo

Steve O'Hear: At last, Flickr adds support for video

Paula Rooney: Zimbra's fate hangs in the balance as Microsoft gets hostile with Yahoo!

Photos: HP's big move into small notebooks

David Morgenstern: User experience begins with the software installer Could the Olympics spoil Back to School sales?

Dana Blankenhorn: State of the Linux union is sound

Gartner wrap:

Roland Piquepaille:The Texas petawatt laser

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Who's giving Vista a miss and waiting for Windows 7?

Andrew Nusca: Tips: How to investigate an online gadget vendor's reputation

MacRumors: Apple Seeds New iPhone OS 2.0 Beta (5A240d), SDK Update (Beta 3)

Scripting News: Early notes on GoogleApps

Heather Clancy: Thin is in: Considering the green impact of de

sktop virtualization and thin clients

Photos: Fuel cells for cameras (right)

John Morris: More competition for low-cost laptops

Dave Greenfield: An Open Source Class-Five Switch

IBM launches enterprise mashup portfolio

Infinite Loop: VMware offers up MacBook Air for Fusion switcher video

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