News to know: Windows 7 Beta; Google; $2,000 PC; Gates & Seinfeld; iTunes 8 fix

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Ryan Naraine: Secunia launches pay-as-you-go exploit...
Written by David Grober, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Ryan Naraine: Secunia launches pay-as-you-go exploit shop

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The $2,000 build-it-yourself gaming/video editing/photo editing PC

When it comes to LEDs, people are beginning to see the light

Mary Jo Foley:  Windows 7: Beta 1 tracking for mid-December

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:Possible fix for iTunes 8 BSOD

NoScript mitigates HTTPS cookie hijacking attacks

Jason D. O'Grady: Free NBC television shows in HD

Jennifer Leggio: Warning - Feedburner can be hazardous to self-esteem

Sam Diaz: Gates & Seinfeld's next commercial: Better. With funny parts

Zack Whittaker: The music scene: legal vs. illegal

Flight attendants want porn banned from Wi-Fi flights

What's happening in Mobile: a peek at new products, services

Intuit announces cloud products for Quickbooks

IT Dojo video: Three ways you might be breaking the law with your computer

Sam Diaz: DOJ contemplates a bigger fight with Google

Jason O'Grady: Apple notebook refresh rumored to arrive October 14 Gallery: iPod nano 4G unboxing [right]

Systems log analytics offers operators performance insights that set stage for IT transformation

Dan Kusnetzky: Neocleus presents end-point virtualization use cases

Dennis Howlett: The enterprise startup conundrum

T-Mobile crawls into mobile app game, gives Apple bigger headstart

Robin Harris: 2 platter, 500GB, 2.5" drive

Google's 9 month log anonymization a farce?

It's time GOOG dropped the beta on GMail . . . seriously

New RIM apps cater to consumer, not corporate users

100Mbps. 2010. Over The Air. Don’t Be Surprised.

Matthew Miller: Everything you want to know about the Zune 3.0 release and new hardware

Review: Apple iPod Touch (second generation, 32GB)Dana Blankenhorn: Fedora and our security attitude

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Radeon HD 4550/RV710 sneak peek

Dan Kusnetzky: Mark Templeton shares his vision at Citrix event

 UK educator: Teach creationism

Blogger conversation: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales on wiki success and failure [podcast]

Red Hat: Virtualization will be free

NEC joins IBM on chip project

Inspiration from an Internet entrepreneur

Are telecommuters inherently greener than the rest of us?

Queen to visit Google UK

Roland Piquepaille: Nanotechnology coming soon to IMAX

 Apple execs settle shareholder suits for $14 million

 Ed Burnette: Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

Dana Blankenhorn: Unwilling veterans of 9-11

Will biotech change pharma ethics?

Christopher Dawson: Hey, Dad, did you hear the world was going to end this week?

The coolest bits of classroom tech I've ever seen

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