News to know: Windows 7; Firefox 3.0; Yahoo; SOA; Nokia

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7: To wait or not to wait? That is the questionMicrosoft continues paring back the Windows Live family Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Firefox 3.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7: To wait or not to wait? That is the question

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 2 available from FTP servers

Larry Dignan: Google's turf expands 42.2 acres

Michael Krigsman: NY Bank 'loses' 4.5M unencrypted customer records

Yahoo inks Walmart.com ink ad pact; Partners with Havas

TechRepublic: Video: Five habits of wildly unsuccessful CIOs

Joe McKendrick: An anthropological view of SOA rituals

PC World: How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30

Ed Burnette: GWT fireside chat

Harry Fuller: Global Warming Bill Heats Senatorial Tempers

Matthew Miller: Review: The sleek black Nokia N82 with Xenon lens lights up the night

Jason O'Grady: Mac OS 10.6 to be Intel only?

Janice Chen: Is the new Flip Mino camcorder worth $30 more than the bestselling Flip Ultra? Andrew Nusca: Leaked Flip Mino camcorder official, touch sensitive

Paul Murphy: Can open source help liberate the bureaucracy?

Brier Dudley: Craig of Craigslist talks about spam, online threats and feuding pet lovers

CNBC: Verizon in Talks to Buy Alltel for $27 Billion

Jeremy Allison: Of telescopes, patents and the death of discovery

Dana Blankenhorn: VeriChip going away?

Dennis Howlett: Quirky Plurk: another microblogging time sink

BusinessWeek: Why Yahoo's Yang Is Holding Out

WSJ: Gates-Ballmer Clash Shaped Microsoft's Coming Handover

Christopher Dawson: Ubuntu netbook remix gets me closer to that netbook I've been wanting

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft OOXML opponents won't back down

Dan Kusnetzky:Repair of my HTC Advantage Part 1

Photos: Code makers and breakers of WWII era

A look at Obama's IT strategy: The Facebook connection and the scale challenge

Roland Piquepaille:New fingerprint detection technology

Dancho Danchev: Privacy flaw exposes Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's private MySpace photos

Kingsley-Hughes: GIGABYTE lifts lid (a little) on unreleased Radeon HD 4850

Vanity Fair: How the Web Was Won

Heather Clancy: Are you fatigued by green tech news?

HP eyes sustainable data centers

Boy Genius Report: T-Mobile intros unlimited family plan

Steve O'Hear: 'Last.fm in a Box', ad-supported music service expands its "offsite community" strategy

The duopoly theory at work: Will Amazon and Google dominate the Internet?

Richard Koman: TW, Cable test bandwidth limits for P2P

John Carroll: Why MinWin speculation matters

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