News to know: Windows 7; Tech economy; Samsung eyes SanDisk; NetSuite

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7 hits Milestone 3Microsoft and...
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7 hits Milestone 3

Dancho Danchev: Google downplays Chrome's carpet-bombing flaw

Jason Perlow: Economic crisis as a technology change agent

Robin Harris: Your capacity will varyJohn Morris:First reviews of HP's HDX 16- and 18.4-inch laptops

Financial Times: Nintendo makes more profit per employee than Goldman

WSJ: Samsung Makes Bid for SanDisk

Phil Wainewright: NetSuite parts ways with largest reseller

Michael Krigsman: J.Crew: Failed upgrade hits financial performance

Photo: Is that an LCD on your back?

Dana Blankenhorn: Is HP working on a proprietary Linux fork?

Paul Murphy: Why "better" often doesn't sell

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: DECE - Lipstick on the DRM pig

Mozilla admits that Firefox EULA is flawed

Jennifer Leggio: Social networks more popular than porn

Dennis Howlett: A moment of lucidity

Zack Whittaker: PacketTrap gives enterprise "Perspective".

Gallery right.

TechRepublic: How do I... Run Linux/UNIX clients on Windows with XWin32 Live?

Computerworld: Lehman Brothers invested in IT despite credit crunch

Heather Clancy: Tech trade-ins: Two new options for extending the life of your mobile phone

CIO Sessions: Cisco CIO: Rebecca Jacoby

Photos: Lucas launches new 'Star Wars' game

YouTube profit (and revenue) watch intensifies

Richard Koman: Groups fear secret IP treatyGigaOM Interview: Bill Hambrecht, Legendary Silicon Valley Banker

Paula Rooney: Maritz: VMware's Virtual DataCenter OS, VMware View is better next gen operating system than Windows and Hyper-V

Brian Sommer: Is That Non-Compete Too Broad?

AP: McCain Invented Blackberry?  Adviser Says He Helped

Sam Diaz:What makes Web shoppers click "Buy" or "Bye"?

Joshua Greenbaum: Microsoft Dynamics Goes for the Mid-market (Again)

Photos: LAN mania hits S.F.

Garett Rogers: Google Desktop gets huge performance boost

Matthew Miller: Google Android device will be announced on T-Mobile on 23 September

Roland Piquepaille: First true 3-D processor runs in labs

Andrew Nusca: Best Buy Geek Squad 'Black Tie Protection' promises premium service, cummerbunds

Jason O'Grady: Google releases Gears for Safari

Christopher Dawson: It's OK to outsource

Jennifer Leggio: And in this corner... Present.ly packs a solid punch against Yammer

Video: How HP's layoffs will impact IT

Paul Miller: Cognition Technologies unveils their Semantic Map

Kingsley-Hughes: The "As close to $150 as you can get it" PC

Richard Koman: EU scrutinizes Google-Yahoo deal

Cheat sheet: SEO

Janice Chen: More hints about the Canon EOS 5D replacement

Leaked Homeland Security doc warns of data threats

Porn passed over as Web users become social--author

Harry Fuller: One, long unbroken string of weather records--what do they tell us?

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