News to know: Windows for $3; Home Server; Google data seepage

Notable headlines:Microsoft, Samsung in patent swap deal. Microsoft aims to reach next billion PC users.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Microsoft, Samsung in patent swap deal. Microsoft aims to reach next billion PC users.

Mary Jo Foley @ Microsoft's "IT Pro community leaders" confab:

Is the pen still mighty in the computer age? Images: Handwriting tests in the text message era (left).


TechCrunch: MySpace News Launches Thursday.

Ryan Naraine: Beware of da

ta seepage on Google Calendar. Donna Bogatin: Google vs. Microsoft Office? Yay! Google Spreadsheets gets charts. Images (left): Google's new Froogle. News.com on Google Product Search.
TechCrunch: eBay acquiring StumbleUpon. Techmeme. Google launches StumbleUpon rival.

Web attackers get better at hiding. Report: Rootkits becoming increasingly complex.

Photos (right): Ultramobile PCs emerge at Intel IDF in China.
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Quad-core CPUs and DDR3 RAM to go mainstream 2009. HP widens lead over Dell in healthy PC market.

TurboTax's electronic filing overloads at the last minute
. Rough Type: Intuit's cloudburst frustrates customers.

FAQ: Detangling virtualization.

Ed Burnette:
Sun and Canonical to distribute Java with Ubuntu Linux.
Phil Wainewright: Workday: ‘parity’ with SAP in 18 months.
BlackBerry outage: RIM a victim of its own success? Russell Shaw's BlackBerry Beat.

Review: Helio Music (left).

Alan Graham: Amazon sues Alexaholic.

Is eBay’s purchase of Skype paying off?
Techmeme on eBay earnings.
AP: Motorola Posts 1Q Loss on Charges. E-Trade 1Q Profit Up, Warns for 2007.
Larry Dignan: IBM: U.S. enterprise spending slumped in March. Sun: Can it grow services?
Ed Bott: The final word on Vista startup times.
Gallery (right): How to keep your Office 2007 files completely secure.
Ryan Stewart: Flash Player/Apollo DRM and building Apollo applications with Dreamweaver.
Ed Burnette: Google AJAX Feed API simplifies Web 2.0 mashups. Steve O'Hear: Second Life to open-source grid; will Google bite?
PC makers walk fine line with 'crapware.'

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