News to know: Windows Server 2008 launch; Hotmail outage; Berners-Lee on semantic Web; Apple

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft courts open-source vendors to support Win Server 2008.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft courts open-source vendors to support Win Server 2008. Jason Perlow: Server 2008: The Windows Workstation we always wanted

Outage hits Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger users

Paul Miller: Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Semantic Web is open for business

Photos: Sony's gadget bonanza (right)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Vista RTM vs. Vista SP1 - Office 2007 benchmarking

Paula Rooney: Firefox 3 beta 4 code freeze on tap, beta 5 release looks likely

Christopher Dawson: Edubuntu "Hardy" release almost ready for prime time

To N or not to N

David Morgenstern: Is Apple's Mighty Mouse too smart for its own good?

Larry Dignan: If CAPTCHAs are decommissioned what comes next?

McAfee: Trojan targets Windows Mobile

Paula Rooney: Sun completes MySQL buy, guns for Microsoft ... but not Oracle? Larry Dignan: Sun completes MySQL purchase; Eyes more open source acquisitions

TI expands application chips beyond phones

ReadWriteWeb: Will Facebook profile tabs lead to better apps?

Joe McKendrick: Survey: companies investing millions in SOA, but don't exactly know why

Rik Fairlie: A small-business router from Ruckus that delivers range and reliability

Images: First U.S. spy satellite photos--ever!

Steve O'Hear: Yahoo launches "Buzz" - phew! not quite a Digg clone

Richard Koman: Pakistan reverses course and brings back YouTube

Producer, game firm in rights battle over zombies

George Ou: Vuze vs. Comcast: BitTorrent does not hog bandwidth

Robin Harris: A 16 GB DIMM

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft HealthVault is nothing like Google Health Comcast Astroturfs the old fashioned way

John Morris: AMD Phenom triple-core coming soon

Lenovo X300 ultraportable now available

Fighting the battle against identity theft

Joshua Greenbaum: SAP Takes A Swing at Oracle

VMware signs deal to embed software in HP servers

Jason O'Grady: Apple updates MacBook Pro with Penryn; Multitouch

Yahoo kicks off open search; Does it have the open platform street cred?Photos: Geek heaven at WonderCon

Dennis Howlett: Marc Benioff on AIR (and Flex plus Flash)

Apple: Apple is No. 2 music retailer

Computerworld: Microsoft says cold boot encryption hack unlikely

Police Blotter: Armed robbers nabbed through text messages

Matthew Miller: iPhone update 1.1.4 available, better reception and device speed? SoftMaker Office 2008 beta brings PowerPoint functionality to Pocket PCs

The Lenovo X300 is a true road warrior device

Photos: Geek heaven at WonderCon

Russell Shaw: Report: sales of carrier-grade routers and switches up 16% in 2007

Ubuntu Mobile: who cares? Sorry, mostly coders and open source reality distortionists for now

Richard Stiennon: You can keep on asking...

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPod shuffle memory boost

Wired: The brash programmers at 37signals will tell you to keep it simple

Dan Kusnetzky: Novell acquires PlateSpin: Will everything fall to the floor?


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