News to know: Windows Server 2008; MySpace developers; Zimbra

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: What will run on Windows Server 2008--and whenNo Vista SP1 bits for users until mid-MarchWindows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 are good to goBallmer outlines Microsoft's eight long-term growth betsVista marketing chief to bid Microsoft adieuGeorge Ou: Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 RTMChristopher Dawson: Will Vista SP1 finally make the upgrade worth it?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: What will run on Windows Server 2008--and when

Larry Dignan:  MySpace launches developer network

MySpace: Caja JavaScript scrubbing ready for prime time

Dan Farber: Zimbra adds offline access, instant messaging

Paula Rooney: Torvalds slams patent trollers, Microsoft, Sun, virtualization craze. Dana Blankenhorn: Linus dismisses Microsoft patent threat. A call for open source values in health care

IBM does OEM deal with Avada on its open source Websphere edition

Photos: Aiming for breakthroughs at IBM's Almaden (right)

George Ou: ISSCC 2008: Details on Intel Silverthorne

David Morgenstern: Remembering Apple's fizzled buyout

Janice Chen: Eye-Fi announces partnerships and software update

Dion Hinchcliffe: openid: The once and future enterprise Single Sign-On?

Christopher Dawson: Followup on the GIMP on thin clients

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary–Day 5: Battery observations. The packaging

Larry Dignan: Jerry Yang to employees: We’re looking at other options. Ballmer: Yahoo deal would provide counterweight to Google. A VC: How Yahoo can get out of the Microsoft bear hug

Protecting databases from the inside

Larry Dignan: So long ActiveX. Will I miss you?

Richard Stiennon: Birth of IPv6

Roland Piquepaille: A scientific Oscar goes to Stanford

Dennis Howlett: SocGen: it's worse, they knew.

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: Four SOA consulting red flags that spell trouble

ReadWriteWeb: Is Google's social graph API a creeping privacy violation?

Ryan Stewart: New version of the eBay desktop released Singularity, the first large-scale online web conference is unveiled

LiMo chief talks rivals, Nokia, and mobile Linux

Larry Dignan: Facebook image uploader: The flaws continue. Steve O'Hear: MySpace U-turn: YouTube contributed to our success

Photos: Tesla Roadster ready to hit the streets

News.com: Microsoft wants people to bring Surface home sooner

Richard Koman: Is Obama campaign a model for the future? On Super Tuesday, campaigns focus on the net

The Democratic Party's dangerous experiment

Dana Gardner: Microsoft-Yahoo! combination could yield an Orwellian Web world

Russell Shaw: Collaboration-over-Skype tool now officially certified. Here's the SECRET number for Comcast's National Support Desk: It's 1-888...

Harry Fuller: Beyond the hype: what's truly green and what's just marketing? Heather Clancy: Warning: This post for ultra-techie green techies

Dutch unveil robot to fill car gas tank

Ericsson to provide mobile broadband to Lenovo

The legislation behind a national ID

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