News to know: Wolfram; Microsoft's Pink; Swine Flu; Facebook; RealDVD; Ellison;

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.  For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage.

Larry Dignan: Wolfram/Alpha's demo: Search results meet analytics

Mary Jo Foley: Could Verizon be a (or 'the') carrier for Microsoft's Pink?

Harry Fuller: Swine flu: gaia v. capitalism?

Andrew Mager: Facebook Mobile copying Twitter: Subscribe to friends' status

Sam Diaz: RealDVD hearing: Don't block the software because of what-ifs

Larry Dignan: What would Larry Ellison do with Microsoft (it wouldn't be Vine)


Andrew Nusca: iPhone users don't use device for work, study says

Richard Koman: Antitrust investigation into Google book deal?

Sean Portnoy: Epson adds new 1080p LCD projectors to Ensemble HD Home Cinema System

Harry Fuller: Three groups in Western Hemisphere get MacArthurs

Ed Burnette: Firefox gets emergency update to fix the last update

Mary Jo Foley: More Windows 7 XP Mode questions and more Microsoft answers

Heather Clancy: Four companies join favored IT asset disposer list

Ryan Naraine: Adobe: Turn off JavaScript in PDF Reader

Jason Perlow: General Motors: It's Time for a Rebranding

Sam Diaz: Sun's disappointing Q3: Soon to be Oracle's problem

ZDNet UK: Tech giants form open cloud standards group

Larry Dignan: Dial-up Internet access: A fine business to milk?

John Morris: AMD Radeon HD 4770: Great graphics for $99

Ryan Naraine: Windows AutoRun gets a makeover to combat malware

Dana Gardner: Can software development aspire to the cloud?

Christopher Dawson: I haven't had a good rant recently

Jennifer Bergen: Best Buy to sell vinyl records?

Jason D. O'Grady: The netbook blacklash

Christopher Dawson: One policy to rule them all?

Podcast: Women Tech Executive Roundtable: What's Top of Mind in 2009

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Max memory limits for 64-bit Windows 7

Dana Blankenhorn: Health gets one-quarter of Obama science board seats

Kevin O'Marah: China and IP: the piper will get paid

Dana Blankenhorn: Everything on Facebook is an ad

Mary Jo Foley: Office 2007 Service Pack 2 available for download

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Time to give Adobe Reader the shove

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: Skype sale, Dell Outlet clearance, Sony Blu-ray player, HP Officejet printer

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple is being accused of stifling free speech; again

Mary Jo Foley: 'Private cloud' = just another buzzword for on-premise datacenter?

Jason D. O'Grady: iPhone lite and mediapad rumored from Apple

Michael Krigsman: Chuck Norris Syndrome and IT failure

Ed Burnette: Google: Upgrade now to Android 1.5 "Cupcake" SDK

Ryan Naraine: Exploit posted for brand-new Adobe PDF zero-day

Dana Blankenhorn: The campaign for real keyboards

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows 7 on a netbook - My verdict

Larry Dignan: Zoho preps mobile suite

Heather Clancy: Intel still atop EPA green power list

CNET: Mozilla releases Firefox 3.5 beta

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Hotmail blocking GMX mail for some in Europe

Larry Dignan: As the data center turns: IBM gets tight with Juniper, Brocade; Take that Cisco

Andrew Nusca: HP debuts ProBook laptops with preinstalled SuSE Linux

Matthew Miller: iPhone Quickoffice 1.1.1 update available, was the product released too early?

Zack Whittaker: Get involved: build me your perfect tech-filled house

Dan Kusnetzky: Partnership for Families - a Virtual Computer NxTop user profile

Matthew Miller: Android 1.5 available for installation on Android Developer Phone

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