News to know: x86 rules; Vista meets Linux; Google TV; Oracle Linux 'idiots'

Notable headlines: Despite its aging design, the x86 still rules.Ed Bott's Vista Hands On: Part 1: Access shared folders from a Linux machine.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

Despite its aging design, the x86 still rules.

Ed Bott's Vista Hands On: Part 1: Access shared folders from a Linux machine. Part 2.

George Ou: Firefox ANI exploit on the way - no protected mode. Why is Microsoft hell-bent on ruining their reputation?

Donna Bogatin:
Google TV ads debut. Google (will be) a monopoly.
Google blog. Techmeme discussion.

Reviews of the day: At left: Samsung YP-K3 (2GB, red). At right: HP Pavilion SlimLine s3020n PC.

Microsoft targets more software pirates.

Software lets you create cybertwin

Microsoft licenses Vista for 'diskless' PCs.
Ryan Naraine: JavaScript bug-hunting tool leaks out. Windows animated cursor flaw--prevention and cure. The feds weigh in on Windows security.
CIOs: IT spending outlook cloudy.

Bangalore dreams of a second Silicon Valley. Gallery (right).
Royal Pingdom: Downtime in 2007 for the 20 most popular websites.
Larry Dignan: Steve Job's calculus: Dealmaking, dollars means DRM is dead. Blog focus on DRM. Techmeme discussion.

TheStreet.com: Microsoft in the Zune.

ZDNet Australia: Oracle Linux adopters labelled 'idiots'.

FCC imposes rules to prevent pretexting.
E.U. official: Now isn't time for RFID regulations.
Ryan Naraine: eEye fires CEO Ross Brown.

Computer Business Review: Web 2.0 is vulnerable to attack.
Dan Farber: ZoomInfo’s immature semantic search engine. Roland Piquepaille: A really smart image search engine.
AP: Citi Introduces Cell Phone Banking.

Photos (right): Picasso's undercover painting.

Steve O'Hear: User's campaign to get featured on YouTube.
Phil Wainewright: Forget Doubleclick, the future is PPA.
David Berlind: Two very different VoIP platforms--one company (Microsoft).

Comcast money helps open source scare Cisco.

Gallery (right): How do I... Change file extension associations in Windows Vista.

Ryan Stewart: Desktop vs. Browser--when to deploy applications for each.

Dana Gardner: BEA
takes the Web 2.0 plunge, in the deep end.
Donna Bogatin: Hillary Clinton snags $4 million online.
Computerworld: Circuit City awards $775M IT outsourcing contract to IBM.

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