News to know: XP SP3; IE7; RIM shines; RIAA's victory

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft releases beta of XP SP3 to Vista, Windows Server testers.Internet Explorer 7 update: Now WGA-free.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft releases beta of XP SP3 to Vista, Windows Server testers.

Ryan Naraine: MS Patch Tuesday: 7 bulletins coming, 4 critical. Sun issues patch for 'highly critical' Java flaws.

Larry Dignan: RIM ups third quarter outlook. RIM tops profit forecasts, predicts more strength.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft: We're good for your health. Photos: A peek inside HealthVault. Dana Blankenhorn: Who will trust Microsoft HealthVault? Techmeme.

Steve O'Hear: AIM adds further social networking features; borrows from Twitter and Facebook.

Christopher Dawson: OpenSUSE beats Ubuntu to the punch.

Russell Shaw: Skype 1.4 for Linux out of beta with new features.

Techmeme: RIAA jury finds Minnesota woman liable for piracy

PaidContent.org: IAB: H107, Q2 Online Ad Spend Numbers Show Rising Revenues, Yet Confirm Slowdown. Larry Dignan: Checking in with Apple: Price cuts boost iPhone sales units; Mac sales level out. Jason O'Grady: AMEX return protection overwhelmed by iPhone customers. New iPhone wannabes: LG Voyager and Blackberry 9k. Apple arrogance - part II. Russell Shaw: How many unlocked iPhones are there in the wild? I think I have a good idea.

No work-free holidays or home life? You're not alone.

Larry Dignan: EMC buys Berkeley Data Systems, creator of Mozy. BT, FON Wi-Fi deal hints at wireless futur

Photos: On the road to robot race (right).

Adobe plots its path on the Web.

Dan Farber: Northwestern Mutual's foray into Web 2.0. Salesforce.com's marketplace extension.

George Ou: Are thin clients the solution to all your security woes?

Smart meters to cut energy costs. Ethanol isn't a magic word.

Microsoft: 'Halo' first-week sales hit $300 million.

Photos: Japan probe approaches moon; who's next?

Dana Gardner: Analysts debate role of governance and 'total management' in the dawning era of SOA.

Dana Blankenhorn: Is it time to give Red Hat some respect? Will open source desktops succumb to bloat?

Computerworld: DHS e-mail snafu reveals info on thousands of security pros.

Yahoo!, eBay and PayPal Join Forces to Protect Consumers Against E-mail Fraud and Phishing Scams.

Dan Kusnetzky: Applications will perform exactly as before in a virtual environment.

Judge allows class action over Target Web site.

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