News to know: XP's stay extended; iBricks; Google; Gateway One

Notable headlines:Microsoft extends Windows XP's stay. Mary Jo Foley: Is Windows XP too good for Microsoft’s own good?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Microsoft extends Windows XP's stay. Mary Jo Foley: Is Windows XP too good for Microsoft’s own good? George Ou: More facts and less hysteria on Vista, please

Jason O'Grady: iPhone firmware 1.1.1 released; breaks everything. Ryan Naraine: Apple patches 10 iPhone security holes. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple releases iPhone update--does it trash unlocked phones? Russell Shaw: Here's that much-anticipated, feared and mocked iPhone 1.11 firmware upgrade. Techmeme.

On Capitol Hill, Google and Microsoft spar over DoubleClick.

Larry Dignan: Google vs. Microsoft: Dueling DoubleClick testimony. Mary Jo Foley: The fine print: Brookings study on Google-Doubleclick deal funded by Microsoft. Microsoft resets its search targets. Techmeme.

Are new Vista Media Center extenders too pricey?

Review: Gateway One.


Robin Harris: Engineering the 10 TB notebook drive. Larry Dignan: Sandisk works channel to push solid-state drives. Dennis Howlett: NetSuite nightmares.

Michael Krigsman: Updated bizarre Arizona State ERP: Oracle releases case study.

Chinese market major target for Intel's OLPC competitor. Ryan Naraine: Despite AOL’s claim, AIM worm hole still wide open.F-Secure: Low threat from mobile malware.

Earnings: Accenture; Tibco; Cognos.

Dan Farber@DEMOfall 07: The Web meets the desktop with Tubes. More DEMO coverage.

Paula Rooney: Winblad: Open Source VC Funding Is Not Drying Up. George Ou: Sun's new servers get intimate with Intel and Microsoft.

TechCrunch: Yahoo Leadership Meeting Tomorrow; Premium Music Services to be “De-emphasized

Intel says it's regaining market share.

Indian IT firms should seek big acquisitions, Gartner says.

Photos: iRobot phones home, cleans gutters. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Vista 'out of memory' errors. AMD "Black Edition" Athlon 64 X2 5000+ ... what is it?

David Berlind: No-fuss charitable way to recycle batteries, phones. What's the perfect NAS device? One ZDNet reader comes up with the spec. The Z2: Evidence that the PC's deconstruction into specialized devices is now underway.

Video: Nokia's new N95 and a prototype of the N81 8GB (bigger display, 8GB memory).

Matthew Miller: Palm announces the Centro for US$99.

Larry Dignan: Verizon Wireless launches USB EDVO modem with integrated storage.

Dana Blankenhorn: The real point is always-on is cheap.

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