News to know: Yahoo buys Right Media; Mix07; S60 Summit; .ANI flaws

Notable headlines:Yahoo buys Right Media. Larry Dignan on the deal.

Notable headlines:

Yahoo buys Right Media. Larry Dignan on the deal. Techmeme.

Microsoft opens up on Web strategy at Mix07. Ryan Stewart: MIXing it up at the coming of age party for Rich Internet Applications.

Dan Farber: FASTMedia Network takes on Google, Yahoo.
Tom Foremski: FAST battles GOOG and YHOO for media markets, says its search traffic larger than Yahoo!

Russell Shaw:
Yahoo! Messenger ranked highest among IM services; GoogleTalk among lowest.

Googling state government documents.

Matthew Miller: S60 Summit: Seminar, Expo, and full Summit 07 co

verage. Image Gallery: S60 Summit 2007 (right).

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft mulling major changes to ward off .ANI-type flaws.

Dan Farber: NuConomy preps social Web analytics and incentive platform. Climbing the social Web ladder.

Gallery (left): Cracking open a Maxtor hard drive

Jason O'Grady: Apple Battery Update 1.2 released.

OLPC coverage:

Computerworld: Computer glitch led to Mars Global Surveyor's demise.

Reuters: Michael Dell says direct sales 'not a religion'.

Donna Bogatin:
Google CEO gets Clinton support for Google Health initiative. Google user data cloud: Do you trust it?

VMware IPO
could raise $100 million.

A Guide to the New and Improved Techmeme.
  Official T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade leaked.

Garett Rogers: Google Talk preparing for multi-user chat.

Google pulls malicious sponsored links.

Joe McKendrick: Can we, should we, attempt to control enterprise mashups?

AT&T CEO Whitacre announces retirement.

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (left).

Alan Graham: Dear Steve Jobs.

Larry Dignan: Meet Goog-Azon, world dominator circa 2016.
Data center cooling: The bright side comes in 2011.

Photos: Stephen Hawking's zero-gravity flight (right).

Qantas ditches Linux for AIX.

Republicans break ranks to oppose tech-backed bill. Missing: Politicians who take clear stand on tech.

Russell Shaw:
Woman: "I'm allergic to Wi-Fi"; now wears tinfoil facial net as protection.


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