News to know: Yang's Yahoo to-do list; Russian hackers; So long Office 2003

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Yahoo's revolving door: Yang in as CEO; Semel out. Yang replaces Semel as Yahoo CEO.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Yahoo's revolving door: Yang in as CEO; Semel out. Yang replaces Semel as Yahoo CEO. Yahoo’s Yang faces daunting to-do list; perception problems. Jerry Yang blog. Techmeme.

Is Yang the right guy to run Yahoo?

Ryan Naraine: Russian hackers hijack Italian sites to serve exploits. Google releases Safe Brow

sing API.

Images: Looking for life in virtual worlds (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft on a collision course with hosting partners. July 1: No more Office 2003 for OEMs. Windows Fiji: Now second half of 2008? Microsoft begins shipping two new Dynamics ERP releases.

George Ou: How to fully de-gunk a PC of crapware.

Adrian Kingsle-Hughes: Apple's reality distortion field in action - iPhone feature comparison. Jason O'Grady: Apple beefs

up iPhone battery specs. Larry Dignan: Apple, Jobs and the UPOD iPhone strategy. Techmeme discussion.

Photos (left): For some PCs, surface tech runs deep.

Computerworld: Best Places to Work in IT 2007.

Jason O'Grady: 10 things wrong with touchscreens. 6 reasons not to switch to Safari on a PC.

News.com: No Microsoft-Ubuntu deal in the works, Canonical CEO says.

Opera: Opera Mini beta now available. Dana Blankenhorn: No politics please, we're Linux. Paul Murphy: Torvalds doesn't live in Indiana. Russell Shaw: Australian regulators propose more specific emergency calling infrastructure for VoIP.

Dan Kusnetzky: Evident Software - Analyzing your network.

Verizon: HD video on demand in the works.

Review: Sprint Mogul by HTC. Gear Diary: The HTC Mogul unboxing.

Google Checkout: Gaining momentum, but big retailers wary.

News.com: Feds enlist public's help on techy patent filings.

David Berlind: Blu-ray gets a boost--and a rap. Will VoIP providers' high termination fees ultimately (and irreparably) stovepipe the Internet? I've got a free G-Tech wireless 'smart fabric' keyboard for the ZDNet reader who..

Internet TV chugs along. Photos:

Is IPTV software ready for prime time? Larry Dignan: Do you care if Microsoft is in your TV? Microsoft to invest $12 million in China TV maker. Getting a charge out of plasma TV.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: More on the Yoggie Pico Pro security appliance.

Dan Farber: McAfee and Davenport debate the value of Enterprise 2.0.

David Berlind: Beta 2.0 of new AOL user interface: We're not like Yahoo (and you can 'snag' some elements).

Steve O'Hear: MySpace to befriend eBay?

CIO: Harvard Business School CIO Stephen Laster on Web 2.0 Technologies.

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