News to know: Zimbra; Exchange threat; Apple TV hack; Intel in China

Notable headlines: Intel to produce chips in China. IBM: Researchers demonstrate fastest optical chipset.

Notable headlines: 

Intel to produce chips in China. IBM: Researchers demonstrate fastest optical chipset.

Start-up Zimbra takes Web e-mail offline. Dan Farber: Coming soon: Offline access to Web applications.

Windows weakness can lead to network traffic hijacks. JavaScript bug hunting tool demonstrated. Mozilla: Hackers control bug disclosure.

Mary Jo Foley: Open-source e-mail systems biggest threat to Microsoft Exchange.

Washington Post: Terror Database Has Quadrupled In Four Years.


Jason O'Grady: Apple TV = hacked.



Gallery (right): A guided tour of Apple TV. Apple TV review.

Donna Bogatin: Google Local squeezes Yellow Pages, Online Directories. What Microsoft is telling Google about mobile search.

Computerworld: In Search of Stupidity--How Micro-soft morphed into Microsoft thanks to the "liberation" of BASIC.

Dan Farber @ Under the Radar:

Garett Rogers: A new type of Google bomb caused anti-Microsoft image.

Ryan Stewart: yourminis widget platform with Apollo. Fauxto (right), the online photo editor goes social; adds features. Fauxito gallery.

Computerworld:  Windows Home Server testing uncovers nearly 2,400 bugs.

Larry Dignan: Will Oracle's perception issues hurt SAP suit? Oracle to buy software maker Tangosol.

AP: Wikipedia Co-Founder Seeks to Start Over.

Ryan Naraine: Vista's Windows Mail vulnerable to file-execution attack.

A VC: Why Seed Investing Is Less Risky Than Later Stage Investing.

Judge bars Vonage from using Verizon VoIP patents.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Is Vista Home Basic a way for vendors to sell low-spec PCs?

NY Times:
Slow Down, Multitaskers; Don’t Read in Traffic.

Mary Jo Foley:
Is Microsoft's Vista behind Apple's alleged 'Leopard' delay?

Five reasons why there's so much CIO angst.

David Berlind:
At 60 full-color pages per minute, Silverbrook's inkjet tech will change the whole industry.

Engadget: Samsung m620 to be christened "UpStage" for Sprint.

Gallery (right): Top reviews of the week.

AP: Mom Donates Laptops to Wounded Soldiers.

Why Formula One teams with tech.

Dean Takahashi: Microsoft
To Announce The Xbox 360 Elite.


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