News to know: Zoho; HP; Windows 7; Patch day

Notable headlines:Dennis Howlett: Zoho's Googley login raises interesting questionsEd Bott: The key to Windows success? It's all about the driversNews.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Dennis Howlett: Zoho's Googley login raises interesting questions

Ed Bott: The key to Windows success? It's all about the drivers

News.com: Facebook pulls ‘stalker list’ tool after Gawker exposes it

Mary Jo Foley: Gates emphasizes PC-phone connectivity in Windows 7

Craigslist fires back at eBay; Bogus Google ads to Kijiji alleged

Larry Dignan: HP seals EDS deal; Services No. 2 behind IBM; Can Hurd run EDS better?

Larry Dignan: Microsoft plugs Office leaks; Delivers 4 critical patches

David Morgenstern: The MS Office 2008 for Mac scandal continues

CIO Sessions: Tasty Baking CIO: Brendan O'Malley

Christopher Dawson: Intense (and really thoughtful) ranting from the OLPC front

Tom Foremski: Google grabs for billions in pharma gold...

Opera: Opera Mini — the people's choice. Matthew Miller: Opera Mini 4.1 comes out of beta and earns a spot as my right soft key shortcut

John Carroll: Greetings from Lesotho

Richard Koman: UK education agency nixes OOXML

Heather Clancy: First, a game of green. Then, fade to black

Paul Miller: A new take on 'Web 3.0' ?

AP: IAC, Liberty resolve spinoff legal skirmish

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft's health vision is highly proprietary

TechRepublic: Can Microsoft win over enough developers to change the paradigm?

Icahn reportedly eyes Yahoo proxy fight

Paul Miller: TopQuadrant welcomes Jena lead architect as Chief Product Architect

The Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry Thunder, the touchscreen BlackBerry we've all been waiting for

Jason O'Grady: Big Steve to keynote WWDC

News.com: StumbleUpon's Stumble Video adds new content partnersPaula Rooney: VMware debuts premium Recovery, Stage Manager services

Dan Kusnetzky: Apani and Cross-Platform Server Isolation

John Morris: Microsoft's plan to block Linux on laptops

Christopher Dawson: New AMD Opterons are good news for schools

Joe McKendrick: SOA market passes $2 billion mark, whatever that means

Silicon Alley Insider: Google Search To Surpass Size of Microsoft Windows in 2009

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Could "not so high end" gaming systems tarnish Alienware's reputation?

More on slipstreaming XP SP3

No Brotherly Love: EarthLink will pull its Wi-Fi network from Philly

Richard Koman: Earthlink finally pulls out of Wireless Philly, but all is not lost

Jason O'Grady: HBO programming comes to iTunes

Does Larry Ellison have the best SaaS strategy?

Roland Piquepaille:Satellites seeing clearly despite clouds

Phil Wainewright: CODA2Go and the economics of PaaS

Andrew Nusca: Olympus E-520 dSLR debuts

Harry Fuller: That Florida beach isn't just sand, it could be a lot of crap

Garett Rogers: Google launches Friend Connect with mixed reviews

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