Next-level space saving: The Corner Ladder

The Corner Ladder takes space-saving design to the next level by tucking away neatly.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

Designing for space efficiency has become more and more popular as the world moves closer together and finding space for every day items becomes more difficult. I personally do not possess enough space in my apartment for a kitchen table or a desk, and I often concern myself with how to make the most with what I have.

Another issue involving space for those of us who live or work in cramped spaces, is that we frequently have to store things far above our heads, and even foldable ladders seem clunky and cumbersome, taking up the space that we work so hard to save.

A wonderful new design, sure to help make life easier around the house, office or studio (or even taken out on the job) is the Corner Ladder, by Barcelona designers Company and Company. The ladder tucks away into a corner, and could be employed usefully by so many different people.

"Our homes are getting smaller and we have less storing space," say the designers. "The project comes from the need to simplify an every day object to a minimum. A ladder is a domestic standard tool that is rarely used . The idea was to be able to fit it in any corner, so as to simplify and increase its use and basic operation."

Company and Company's video presentation of the Corner Ladder:

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Images: Company & Company

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