Next step after getting that degree

A degree does not guarantee a lucrative career, but a good education opens the door to exciting opportunities.
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Q. I am doing a graduate course in software at NIIT in India, and I completed by Bachelor of Computer Science exam in May 2007.
After graduation, I plan to study for a Master of Science degree in Information Technology. But how do I progress from here and how can I get into the software industry?

Career advice from Miko Matsumura, deputy chief technology officer at Software AG, who is also a Java and SOA expert:
Once you have your degrees, you are well on your way. Many large companies do active recruiting on campus. There are also many job boards. If you're willing to travel, this adds even more opportunity to your plate. Employers would be excited to have someone like you with a graduate degree in an IT field. You just have to be persistent and try to secure a position. I would recommend either a large IT consulting firm or a large software provider such as Microsoft or IBM.

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