Nexus 4 sold out in the US? Not quite

After a couple of hours of trying and struggling with a Google Play Store debacle like everyone else, I just landed a supposedly sold out 8GB Nexus 4.

This will just be a quick post since I should get back to real work after trying to buy a Nexus 4 all afternoon. However, it appears that early reports that all US-destined Nexus 4 were sold out were incorrect. Moments ago, I gave my browser a half-hearted refresh and had the option to purchase an 8GB model. A few users on Twitter reported similar unexpected successes.

Bottom line? Maybe the whole Google Play fail this morning left a few in stock or maybe Google scrapped a rollout in another country to free up phones for the US (as they did in the Netherlands earlier today). Either way, there just might be a phone or two that you can snag.

Good luck!



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