Nexus 7 comes to Singapore, South Korea

Google will be making its tablet available in the two markets this week, but Singaporean buyers will have to fork out US$76 more for the 16GB device than U.S. consumers.
Written by Liau Yun Qing, Contributor

Google will be releasing its first tablet devince in two more Asian markets, namely in Singapore and South Korea, but only the 16 gigabytes (GB) model will be available.

In a statement Friday, Nexus 7 manufacturer Asus said the tablet will be available in Singapore starting Saturday. The 16GB tablet will retail at S$399 (US$324.7).

On Thursday, Korea Times reported Google will start receiving pre-orders for Nexus 7 on Friday. The 16GB tablet will be sold at Google's Korean retail partners Himart and Lotte Mart in mid-October at 299,000 won (US$267.37), it said.

The Nexus 7 tablet was launched in other Asian markets such as Malaysia last Friday and Japan on Tuesday. According to reports, users in India will be able to get their hands on the device in November.

The tablet was first introduced at the Google I/O developers conferece in late June. The 8GB model retails at US$199 while the 16GB model is priced at US$249 in the United States.

Compared to U.S. pricing, consumers in Singapore will be paying US$76 more for the device. Android user Nicole Nilar, who was waiting for the Nexus 7 because of its affordable price, said she will be reconsidering the purchase. "There are actually cheaper Android tablets out there which are as good", she said.

Analysts had previously said the Nexus 7 will face challenges in the Asian market due to the lack of localized apps and 3G connectivity.

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