NHTSA has not signed off on gas pedal fix: Toyota

Toyota has denied reports that the National Safety Traffic Highway Administration (NSTHA) has signed off on its gas pedal fix. While Toyota is working with the NHTSA, it's not the latter's job, Toyota officials said.
Written by John Dodge, Contributor

Toyota has denied reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has signed off on its fix to the stuck accelerator problem, Toyota said yesterday in a one paragraph press statement.

"Regarding reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has "approved" a plan for our pedal recall; it is Toyota’s understanding that NHTSA does not officially approve recall remedies. We have reviewed our plan with NHTSA and are finalizing details, which we will announce soon."

Indeed, such reports were on the news Saturday.

Toyota also said Friday it is stopping production this week, presumably of the eight affected models, so it can get "more of the new pedals to dealers right away." That's presumably to take care of existing customers and lot inventory.

Toyota has also published an FAQ for existing Toyota owners addressing whether they should drive their cars and how to detect when the accelerator is a problem. Another FAQ explains Toyota's recalls (there are two) and its actions in suspending sales of eight models.

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