Nielsen India shares numbers about Internet connectivity and brand reach

According to Nielsen India, brands should tap into social media for creating brand awareness and offer discounts for the time users spend researching about products online.
Written by Manan Kakkar, Contributor

Back in March of this year, I collated some numbers about India's mobile and broadband users. Citing comScore and the Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI), the reports suggested India had 11.21 Million broadband users. The number has increased to 12.34 Million but the mobile users are where things get exciting for brands.

Sarah Perez over at TechCrunch shared a VisionMobile report that feature phones still outsell smart phones. Markets like India are where feature phones sell a lot; they are cost-effective and feature-rich. In a video shared by Nielsen India to convince brands about the impact of having brand presence on social media websites, they shared some interesting numbers about the digital Indian consumer. According to Nielsen, India has:

  • 134 Million TV subscribers (that seems less to me)
  • 80 Million Internet users
  • 500+ Million mobile subscribers (the official number is 594.73 Million active mobile users)
  • 240 Million experienced Internet on the phone
  • 6 Million accessed social media sites
  • 2/3rds of the 80 Million are on social media websites (Orkut's still big here!)
  • 37 Million Facebook users from India (according to social media statistics website SocialBaker, a little over 38 Million Indians are on Facebook)
  • India is the 3rd largest Facebook country according to registered users
  • 20 Million Indians look for jobs online
  • 9 Million LinkedIn users (LinkedIn India reached the 10 Million users mark in June of this year)
  • 35% of the hiring will involve searching for employees and their background on
  • 12 Million Twitter users
  • 10 Million weddings in India each year which according to Nielsen comes to 55,000 people every 24 hours (Wow!)
  • 13 Million check online reviews out of which 6 Million through Social Media sites
  • 60 Million online consumers  want brand related information and 3/4th want discounts & freebies (really? Just 3/4th? Not all?!)
  • 10 Million users are aware that brands are on Social Media websites
  • Rural mobile connections growing faster than urban connections

Here's Nielsen India's video:

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