Consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising

A new email plugin from Stackla allows email marketers to dynamically populate email campaigns after the email has been sent.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

With all the different options to market to customers, we still prefer email marketing to deliver the highest return on investment.

According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92 percent of consumers trust organic, user-generated content (UGC) more than they trust traditional advertising.

(Image: Stackla)

Sydney, Australia-based content marketing platform Stackla has introduced an email plugin that brings dynamic UGC capabilities for email marketers.

Its machine learning tech enables brands to tap into the billions of social media posts to enable them to use UGC in their content and campaigns.

The Stackla solution turns image-based UGC into images that can be used in email campaigns. The hosted image generates a unique URL that can be included in a marketing newsletter.

The email plugin allows email marketers to dynamically populate and change existing email campaigns with the most relevant user generated images, which are "customised for individual subscribers" to ensure the highest response.

If the image needs to be refreshed, the marketing team updates the image on the platform. When the email is opened, the user will see the latest content in their opened email.

The plugin works with major email marketing platforms such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Responsys, ExactTarget, Pardot, Bronto, and Marketo.

Used by 82 percent of B2B and B2C companies, email marketing is still considered to be important for effective campaigns. You are six times more likely to get a click through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet.

The images that get the most engagement are ones considered to be the most relevant to a particular brand or company.

The best images are often generated by users who post over 1.8 billion images to social channels every day.

Although considered archaic by millennials, email marketing is still considered to be crucial for business.

Over seven out of 10 (73 percent) of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business, and 20 percent of marketers say that their business' primary revenue source is directly linked to email campaigns.

It is critical to get great content and design in an email to make the campaign effective. Newsletters and promotional content are still the top uses for email campaigns.

Facebook said that "large marketing platforms have seen declines in organic reach. When an ad has social context your ads drive, on average, 50 percent more recall and 35 percent higher online sales lift."

Traditional email campaigns are not going away for a while. Inserting UGC into emails keeps the fresh content that subscribers want to see.

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