Nintendo Wii pulls out ahead

ZDNet readers, gaming professionals, and buyers standing in line all favor the Wii as the console to have this holiday season. What's the secret? I think it's a classic case of lovingly crafted game play over glitz.
Written by Ed Burnette, Contributor

In a recent ZDNet poll, readers said they would prefer getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas over either a PS3 or XBox360. A Gamasutra survey of games industry professionals showed them favoring the Wii by a huge margin (Disclaimer: I used to be a game designer myself). News organizations questioning people standing in line for PS3's showed that most intended to sell them, but most of the people in the Wii line intended to play them. 

Both casual and hard-core gamers are excited about the Wii. Here are some typical comments:

"I waited in line for 13 hours to get the Wii at midnight. It is by far the greatest interactive game console yet. By the way I am a 56year old mom."

"I'm all about the gameplay, and Nintendo's clearly going to deliver. Is Sony? I'm not seeing any evidence of that so far."

"I will be picking up a Wii for two reasons. First, Zelda, and second, it's the first console that I think I will be able to play with my 3 year old son"

"As of right now, there's nothing on the launch list for Sony's PS3 that catches my eye as a must-have title. Nintendo, on the other hand, is making a massive statement with releasing two of their 'older crowd' franchises at launch, Zelda and Metroid."

The poll is still open. What do you think? 

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