No Energy Star 5.0 support, no EPEAT listing

EPEAT listing requirements get a little tougher in 2010.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

The requirements for a product to remain on the EPEAT listing of green IT just got a little tougher. Manufacturers must now ensure that their technology meets the Energy Star 5.0 standards, or it will be knocked off the list. Previously, there was a six-month grace period during which manufacturers could ensure their product met the latest Energy Star standard. Now, the product must meet any Energy Star update immediately or it will be de-listed.

EPEAT (or the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) originally covered desktops, notebooks, integrated systems (like the iMac) and monitors. The rating system now covers thin clients and workstations, and ratings information for television and imaging equipment (printers, facsimile machines and copiers) are in the works. All federal agencies are required to use EPEAT as a gauge for their information technology purchases.

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