No KitKat for Samsung's Galaxy Nexus - it's too old for Android 4.4, says Google

Sadly for Galaxy Nexus owners, their devices will only reach Android 4.3 and miss out on the latest OS from Google.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Sad news for Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners: Google's latest Android OS, KitKat 4.4, won’t be available for the device — which, according to Google, is too old to get the update.

In a support page update today, Google broke the news for Samsung Galaxy owners that their smartphones will not be among "the next one billion" devices that KitKat will targeted at in the coming year. 

Released in Europe October 2011, the Samsung-made Google smartphone is simply too old, according to Google's support page

"Galaxy Nexus, which first launched two years ago, falls outside of the 18-month update window when Google and others traditionally update devices," Google wrote.

It's even worse news for the owners of the Sprint LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus, which only went on sale in April last year ahead of LG's Nexus 4.  

KitKat, of course, is shipping with the newly launched LG-made Nexus 5, and will also be coming to the recently released Asus-made Nexus 7 and LG's Nexus 4.

Samsung’s Nexus 10, released a year ago, will also get KitKat in coming weeks, which will be followed soon after by Samsung's Galaxy S4 and the HTC One Google Play edition.

Android Jelly Bean 4.3 began rolling out to Galaxy Nexus owners yesterday, just ahead of the launch of KitKat.

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