No Nook by Christmas? Here's a $100 gift card

Barnes & Noble promises that it will send an e-mail notification on December 23rd with a $100 gift certificate if they are unable to ship the Nook e-reader in time.
Written by Anne Dujmovic, Contributor
Barnes & Noble told some customers by e-mail Friday that though their shipment "has been slightly delayed," the company is aiming to get their device to them by Thursday, which is Christmas Eve. If it's not shipped in time, Barnes & Noble promises "with our sincerest apologies, we will send you an e-mail notification on December 23rd with a $100 Barnes&Noble.com Online Gift Certificate." The e-mail also said if the Nook doesn't get there by Christmas Eve, the company will ship the device overnight so customers receive it by December 29.

The Consumerist posted a copy of the e-mail Saturday that one of its readers received.

Responding to a request for comment Saturday, Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating said:

"The vast majority of customers who pre-ordered nooks and were given a pre-holiday estimated shipping date should receive their devices in time for the holidays. We are working very hard to keep up with the demand and to get all nook orders out the door and to customers on or before Dec. 24. Unfortunately, there may be a very small percentage of customers who may not receive their nooks before the holiday."

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