Nokia and Cingular announce the Nokia E62

There are very few surprises on device releases in the United States since the FCC makes most of their approvals available for reporters to discover and the release of the Nokia E62 was rumored a month ago. It is great to see this powerful Nokia enterprise device becoming officially available in the United States and I hope this starts a trend from Nokia with future devices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Readers know I have had a Nokia E61 for a couple months now and today Nokia and Cingular officially announced the rumored Nokia E62 at the CTIA Wireless and IT Entertainment conference being held in LA this week. The Cingular Nokia E62 is will be available for as low as US$149.99 beginning September 29th. The E62 is the same device as the Nokia E61, without the integrated WiFi radio since Cingular doesn't have a network in place like T-Mobile does with their Hotspots. I am happy to see this Nokia device officially coming the United States though and the focus of Nokia and Cingular is on email so this is definitely a BlackBerry competitor in their eyes.
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