Nokia and Moto Open to Anything?

Nokia and Moto Open to Anything?By: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.
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Nokia and Moto Open to Anything? By: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

Though reportedly not a move to outshine the iPhone, Nokia and Motorola have recently announced the “open” nature of their unlocked devices. While this move bodes well for third-party mobile application developers, handset owners are rightfully concerned.

A move towards an unlocked mobile environment is no surprise to anyone close to the industry. The problem is that too many cell phone owners already have too much trust in their cell phones. With viruses and a myriad of other mobile threats taking a foothold throughout the global wireless community, opening up wireless puts millions at risk. While viruses are a growing threat, mobile keyloggers and spyware are rapidly becoming staples throughout the mobile community. Most cell phone owners don’t realize how easily and often spyware can be used in a mobile environment. Literally, a single call monitored by a spyware program to ones credit card company could put their credit card number into a global network of criminals.

Perhaps as the owner of MyMobiSafe.com, I should make like the rest of the mobile security providers and keep my mouth shut? Sure the move to open wireless paves the way for a complete violation of handset level cellular security, but it completely validates the mobile security market as a stand alone industry too. As I have from the very beginning, I refuse to take a passive role as long as cell phones are at risk. At MyMobiSafe.com, our commitment is to mobile security, which means taking an active role in sharing information with the mobile community.

I am not discouraging anyone to enjoy their Nokia or Motorola handsets; I am however reemphasizing that every cell phone owner must take mobile security into their own hands. The wireless service providers and the handset manufacturers have put the cell phone user in the place that they must seek out their own mobile security solution if they want protection. Take it from me, a guy who has an intimate knowledge of the darker side of the mobile community, you are in charge of your own mobile security solution. Cellular security is no longer limited to advanced handsets; every cell phone is at some level of risk.

Your guru in mobile security,

Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

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