Nokia announces N95 device that packs in everything

Nokia is leaving nothing out of this latest multimedia Nseries device that has integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 5 megapixel camera, and more. I should be getting some hands-on time with the device later today at the Nokia Open Studio event so stay tuned for an image gallery.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Credit: All About Symbian

I was lucky enough to get contacted by Comunicano last fall to participate in the innovative Nokia Nseries Blogger Relations program and have to admit that the regular release of Nokia Nseries devices gets an enthusiast like me as excited as I used to get when Sony released a new CLIE device every couple of months. Nokia keeps raising the bar and as I sit here at the Nokia Open Studio event in downtown New York I again have my heart beat racing as they show off some new devices. I was expecting one or two new devices, but was quite surprised to hear that 4 new devices will be launched soon. I will get a chance to play with them after the press conference and I'll be taking and posting some photos of the devices here on my blog.

The first device that Nokia announced has everything but the kitchen sink inside and for those of us who have to have it all then stand back. The Nokia N95 comes with an HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GSM radio, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 radios, integrated GPS receiver (with free maps), 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and 30 fps video recording capability, integrated WiFi radio, 3D stereo speakers, miniUSB connector, 3.5 inch standard headphone jack, microSD memory card slot, and 160 MB of internal storage. The form factor is more similar to a N80 than a N90 or N93 as it looks a lot like a camera on the back with a slide up display and multimedia buttons that reveal the phone keypad underneath. It uses a unique two slide form factor (right and left both) and I'll try to capture that with photos and video when I get my hands on one in a bit.

Check out the press release for all the details and stay tuned for some hands on image gallery photos coming later.

UPDATE: I just left for my next trip up to Boston and had some time to play with the N95. It is INCREDIBLY light in weight and it actually blew me away that they could pack that much into the device. I also had a chance to see that the display slides to the right to reveal the media player buttons on the left that also launches the media player. Sliding the display to the left reveals the phone keypad and then you rotate the device to use it as a phone. The display is awesome and is also quite large so video playback and viewing is excellent. You can display the screen out to a monitor or TV too with the Nokia cable so it makes it easy to share your 5 megapixel photos. I want this device!


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