Nokia continues to add more phones to software update site

The latest update to Nokia's site that lets you update your own firmware includes the Nokia E61. If you own an E-series or N-series device then check out the Nokia Software Update site to see if your device is supported and perform the update.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
I just updated the software on the Nokia N91 I am evaluating using the Nokia Software Update site that lets you update the firmware on your device without sending it in to a service center. Over-the-air updates are not yet rolled out, but you can use a PC and USB cable to update several models now. I just saw on All About Symbian that an update for the Nokia E61 is available and I am installing the software right now on my device. Visit the Nokia Phone Software Update site to see if your particular model has an update available. I found an extensive list of what the update is supposed to improve, which is why I didn't hesitate to make the update. I don't see how they can add "improvements to overall reliability and performance" when my device has been rock solid and has not randomly reset on my since I bought it a couple months ago. My Treo used to reset all the time and I am extremely impressed with the reliability.
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