Nokia launches AI-driven software for CX

The updated analytics software gives service providers "next-best-action" triggers to implement to keep customers happy.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

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Nokia on Tuesday announced an updated version of its Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight software, adding AI capabilities that give service providers, as well as IT and engineering organizations, more automated functionality and the ability to detect problems faster.

The software features Nokia's Customer Experience Index (CEI), which brings together information from more than 300 dimensions -- including the network, devices, customer care, billing, and other sources -- to produce a customer-specific satisfaction score. Now, the CEI is powered by machine learning and deep learning algorithms co-developed with Nokia Bell Labs.

Since the CEI algorithms optimize themselves over time, the initial CEI tuning takes just days rather than months, enabling service providers to act on CEI insights and predictions six times faster.


In the event of a problem, the analytics software also uses machine learning to give service providers "next-best-action" triggers to keep customers happy. These can either be implemented automatically or by a human.

With enterprise data exploding, several software providers, like Oracle and Salesforce, are tapping AI for better CX.

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