Nokia launches E70-2 at the New York Flagship store opening

U.S. customers now have the chance to pick up two new S60 devices, but you must visit the Chicago or New York store to get your hands on one. The E70-2 is a U.S. optimized model that transforms from a candy bar phone to a QWERTY device with a cool flip.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Nokia just opened their Flagship store in New York on Saturday and launched two devices in the United States and according to Gearlog they are currently only available at the Chicago and New York stores. The Nokia N93 has been out in other parts of the world and I hope to get my hands on one to evaluate soon. The other device is the Nokia E70-2, which is an E70 that has been updated with the 850 MHz band for U.S. customers. I never tried the flip QWERTY keyboard 6820 device and think this latest E70-2 looks quite interesting. I am visiting the New York Flagship store later this month and can't wait to check out the E70-2 first hand. The E70-2 retails for US$449 and the N93 for US$699 and they are both available as SIM unlocked devices.

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