Nokia meets Q3 shipping date for N8, shipments start today

It looks like Nokia proved it can meet shipping deadlines and the rumors of October delays was wrong. The Nokia N8 is now shipping to buyers.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Talk about cutting it as close as possible, huh? At least Nokia can say that they met their Q3 target for shipping the Nokia N8 that they made back in April. I pre-ordered mine within the first hours it was available on the Nokia USA store so I should be in the first batch of shipments going out soon. The Nokia press release announcing the start of shipments doesn't state where these shipments are starting, but it looks like it will take some time for Nokia to catch up with orders since the N8 had the largest consumer pre-order of any Nokia device in their history.

I had the chance to spend some time with the N8 at Nokia World earlier this month and was quite impressed with the device. The build quality and design was awesome and the Symbian^3 OS brings some nice flair to a familiar Symbian interface that should appeal to Nokia fans while the 12 megapixel killer camera will be something that new buyers may want to seriously consider. Nokia USA only had the dark grey for pre-order, but if I end up really liking the device then I may have to sell it and get the orange one that appeals to me more than the dark grey one.

There is a slight chance my N8 may be in my hands on Friday since I paid for expedited shipping from Nokia USA, but we'll have to see what happens. Did any readers pre-order a Nokia N8?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it looks like calls placed to the Nokia USA store reveal US buyers won't see the N8 until the end of October :(

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