Nokia N91 captures ride video at the fair

As the summer ends and school starts, people in Western Washington head to the grand old Puyallup Fair. I took along a Nokia N91 and captured a couple videos of rides that are favorites of the thrill seekers. Enjoy traveling on a 1935 era wooden coaster and up and down 20 stories of the Extreme Scream.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
As a part of the Nokia Blogger Relations program, I was lucky enough to receive a Nokia N91 to evaluate. Previously I received a Nokia N90 and actually used it to take still photos of my recent trip to the Puyallup Fair with my family. Since the N91 has a 4GB hard drive and is a bit more compact than the N90 I decided to see how it did for recording video while on a few rides. If you don't have a queezy stomach then you may enjoy watching my two videos I just uploaded to YouTube.com. The first video shows us going 20 stories up and then bouncing a bit on the Extreme Scream and the second video shows what it is like to ride in the front car of a 1935 era wooden roller coaster. I was pleased with the video output of the N91 and am finding more and more I like about the device as I use it everyday to listen to podcasts and music in the vanpool. Enjoy the sites and sounds of the fair.
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